What do a robust business strategy and engagement have in common?

Julie Mills, Managing Director, APSCo Australia.

Recently, Nigel Harse from Staffing Industry Metrics joined me on ‘Across the MD’s Desk’, APSCo Australia’s weekly webinar series, allowing the large audience to access some key factors in identifying a robust business strategy. As well as being a regular webinar contributor, Nigel is one of the key drivers of the APSCo Australia Defining the Future Forum – an ongoing discussion on successful business practices in the professional staffing sector, driven by metrics, technology and quality teams.


Nigel’s love of data, his passion for informative Dashboards and his industry longevity shone through in this discussion as he shared the formulas for business success, based on historical data from 2006 mapped against market trends. In this discussion, rather than just focussing on the data, Nigel took a more holistic approach to what the analysis is telling him and unpacked some interesting points for the audience to consider.


His strongest message was that business success starts when the owners/leaders live and deliver the values that are desired by the team ……….. I thought he had this round the wrong way but no, he was adamant, it is no longer the norm to build a team in your likeness but rather the likeness needs to be a two way mirror.


Nigel went on to say that success comes from owners/leadership having and communicating a clear view of the future and the way ahead in an engaging manner that inspires more effort, develops commitment (staff attrition was still a key negative in the data Nigel delivered) and attracts others to jump on the bus!


From someone whose presentations are usually all about the data – this delve into the human side of the analytics was a great opportunity for the attendees to look beyond the dazzling dashboards.


ENGAGEMENT – that’s the key from an emotional helicopter view:

ï         Consistency in feeling like you belong/are needed and are important to the business

  • Being listened to, asked for opinions, involved appropriately in change and informed
  • Receiving encouragement, a sense of security, opportunity to grow and develop, building loyalty and trust
  • Experiencing fairness at all times.


Nigel’s ten profit growth opportunities were the key outcomes for this session and for the Defining the Future Forum going forward ( not in any particular order)

ï         Improve staff selection

ï         Improve staff training

ï         Improve staff retention

ï         Upselling to existing clients

ï         Develop deep dive talent pools

ï         Integration of technologies

ï         Marketing penetration

ï         Process improvement

ï         Productivity improvement

ï         Team engagement ( there’s that word again)


Does your business strategy consider engagement? Do you think you have the factors lined up for business success?

Are you ready to be benchmarked against the data in the Staffing Industry Metrics? It’s not just Australian – it’s global.


Click here to download the full webinar recording and the slides ( you won’t be disappointed)  

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