What makes a successful employee ownership strategy?


Employees are the backbone of any successful business. Ever considered ’employee ownership’ as a succession strategy for your recruitment business? We spoke to the Chief Executive of Employee Ownership Association Deb Oxley OBE. She thinks employee ownership unleashes the power of ownership in an individual and explains what makes employee ownership a popular way of managing succession.

But how do you get started? Deb was joined by Neil Smith MBE, Managing Director of Kinetic Plc, an employee-owned business and an REC Audited member. He shared how Kinetic moved to this model, key learnings for fellow recruitment business owners and how it has impacted their performance as a business.

Key quotes/takeaways:

“It’s a growing and very popular way of managing succession particularly for business owners who are looking to exit their business.” Deb

“It’s not so much about the processes, it’s how you plan for the employee engagement going forward.” Neil Smith

“What employee ownership does is, it really unleashes the power of ownership in an individual.” Deb

“When you get a group of individuals all feeling the same, it leads to higher levels of performance and responsibility and productivity.” Deb


  • Deb Oxley OBE, Chief Executive, Employee Ownership Association, @DebOxley, @EmployeeOwned
  • Neil Smith MBE, Managing Director, Kinetic Plc, @neil_kinetic, @Kineticplc

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