Winning at LinkedIn in 2021

BlueSky PR explains how to immediately improve your LinkedIn recruitment strategy

With the shift to working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, social recruiting has become far more competitive as recruiters look to stand out on the LinkedIn feeds of potential clients and candidates.

So how can you create meaningful engagement with prospects on LinkedIn?

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How Recruiters Can Boost Their Engagement on LinkedIn

1. Write personalised connection requests

One of the biggest bugbears that potential candidates and clients experience on LinkedIn is receiving connection requests with either no message or a generic copy and paste message which isn’t personalised to the individual.

The best way to develop tailored connection requests is to start following them first for a few days so that you can see their posts and any content shared by them in your feed.

2: Share relevant content and invite conversation

As a recruiter it’s important to consistently appear in the feeds of new and existing users to ensure that you stay top of mind. To do this you need to take notice of what’s happening in the sectors you specialise in and publish content in response to this.

3. Tag in relevant people or businesses to ask for their insight

When you post content on LinkedIn you can tag in people and companies within the text, as well as tag people in images. Tagging key people in your content can be an effective way to generate engagement and get them commenting on your post.

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How recruitment firms can use LinkedIn Stories

Has your recruitment agency tried LinkedIn Stories yet? Rolled out worldwide late last year and following in the footsteps of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn Stories allows individuals and company pages to share updates which last for 24 hours on the platform.

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