Accessing Talent

Playter Pay launches as first hiring accelerator for startups and scaleups.

Playter Pay, a new venture offering businesses a dedicated on-call recruitment concierge has been launched to help startups and scalp companies. The company aims to help streamline the recruitment process, from job specs to salary benchmarking and recruitment agency introductions by providing an interest-free finance platform for businesses looking to recruit the best talent.

Working with vetted and accredited recruitment agencies, Playter Pay delivers a clear finance plan, so that managers can concentrate on running their own businesses, knowing that their recruitment needs are being taken care of. Recruitment fee invoices are paid within 24 hours and businesses benefit from spreading that invoice payment over 6 months through working with the company.

In addition, clients will have access to a suite of digital recruitment tools, which allow for the creating and sharing of jobs, alongside application and interview tools, appointment booking and collaboration applications. Playter Pay delivers everything that a business might need to reach the best talent recruiters can offer for their vacancies. The platform is available for businesses from exciting startups, to a scaleup with up to 1000 employees.

“Recruitment presents a strange paradox in business,” says Jamie Beaumont, founder and CEO of Playter Pay. “It takes skill and experience to get it right, yet many businesses will deploy someone lacking recruitment expertise to handle it and end up making bad hiring decisions.

“But the problem is that working with recruitment agencies can be expensive. The idea behind Playter Pay is that companies – large or small – can access the best talent available to grow their business, via recruiters, but are able to spread the attendant costs with an interest-free financial agreement. We also provide them with the tools and advice they need to simplify and streamline the entire recruitment process and achieve growth success.”

Playter Pay is available for UK businesses in most sectors. With a free replacement guarantee for every hire made through the platform should things not work out, it seeks to offer a risk-free approach to recruitment.

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