Top 5 Recruitment Advertisement Techniques

Mastering the art of recruitment advertisement is key to bringing in the correct candidate for the required role.

However, it’s no easy task.

Recruitment advertisement comes in many forms, from a simple job ad to a multi-platform promotion, including online/offline strategy, all involving multi-channel candidate experience. 😵‍💫

To find the magic formula, you need to think beyond the standard process and play the long game – starting with these five recruitment advertising methods.


Recruitment Advertising Method #1: Market Your Brand

Let’s start with a simple one, marketing your brand effectively.

If you can bolster your brand by making it more visible, prominent, and reputable, you will attract the right jobseekers.

Rather than spending time searching for them, they will be searching for you. 👀

Like a moth to a flame. 🔥

In fact, according to Glassdoor, 75% of job seekers are more likely to apply at a recognised company.

You can successfully market your brand by:

  • Being sure of yourself and knowing your brand’s identity. ✅
  • Finding your USP and the gaps in the market you can fill. ✅
  • Being consistent with your tone of voice, imagery etc. ✅
  • Knowing your target audience. ✅
  • Growing your brand with regular content via blogs, social media etc. ✅


Recruitment Advertising Method #2: Expand Your Channels of Advertising

A multi-channel marketing method will send out a greater reach for potential jobseekers.

Online avenues like big industry websites, job boards, aggregators, blogs, and social media channels will grant greater traction.

It’s good to be diverse.

Don’t forget old traditions such as posting in newspapers, attending job fairs and mingling at networking events.

The bigger the net, the easier it’ll be to catch the best possible candidate.

It pays to be dynamic, bringing greater equality and diversity into your workplace.


Recruitment Advertising Method #3: Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing can help convert website visitors into customers and customers into brand advocates.

Watch as a self-sustaining chain of recruitment advertising starts taking place.


Here are the five steps you need to take to start implementing this method:

  1. SEO blogs, job boards and brand marketing attract people who can potentially convert into customers.
  2. Calls to action within this content and landing pages will keep the visitor on your website and convert them into leads.
  3. Leads can attend events, subscribe to mailing lists, complete forms and start live chats – turning them into candidates.
  4. Candidates become employees, which then can translate into promoters.
  5. Employees promote the company to others which raises the reputation and attracts more website leads, candidates, and so on. Just like Clockwork. ⏲️


Recruitment Advertising Method #4: Referrals from Employees

Likeminded people tend to work well in the same circles.

So, why not let your existing employees know that you are recruiting?

They might have the perfect person in mind.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions report suggests that 48% of organisations feel their best recruitment has come from employee referrals.

The employee then takes some of the responsibility within the recruitment stage.

If they honour their job and want to continue to grow in the company, then they won’t want to recommend the wrong person.

This approach can also help increase a better communal atmosphere within the workplace.


Recruitment Advertising Method #5: Streamline Software

Investing in decent recruitment automation can speed up the whole process.

However, be sure to invest in the right stuff.

AdBuilder is a perfect example.

The right software will help:

  • Save time in freeing up your employees ✅
  • Make things more efficient ✅
  • Gather data ✅
  • Hire quicker ✅
  • Improve the candidate experience ✅


Wrapping Up

To recruit the ideal candidate, you need to find them or have them find you.

Not everybody finds work the same way, so it’s important to diversify your recruitment advertisement strategy.

Spread that net far and wide, online/offline, across websites, job boards, social media, network events, newspapers, word of mouth, etc.

Keep marketing your brand to full effect, so people recognise and approach you.

This method will improve the reputation and trust in your brand.

And if you want to streamline the job advert writing process and expand its reach, give AdBuilder a try.

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