3 practices of a successful staffing agency

During recruitment, it is imperative that staffing agencies meet both client and candidate expectations. By investing in the right recruitment and client management tools, you can perfect your recruiting strategy and achieve more rewarding outcomes.

This article will guide you through the three most important aspects of running a successful staffing business:

  1. Fulfilling client expectations

  2. Creating a great recruitment strategy

  3. Choosing the perfect recruitment software

1) Fulfilling client expectations 


Giving your clients exactly what they are looking for is the best way to make sure that they are happy. You can thoroughly understand your client’s needs by researching the industry, asking questions about their ideal candidates, and setting the right benchmarks well before you start sourcing.

After clarifying your client’s requirements, start setting targets, allocate resources, and establish deadlines for each role. Create a recruitment strategy with timelines that date back from the target date-to-fill.

 In order to collaborate better with clients and ensure that everybody is on the same page throughout the recruitment process, it’s helpful to use a customer relationship management tool.

The integration between Zoho Recruit and Zoho CRM allows you to manage client and candidate communication efficiently.

Once the candidates have been shortlisted, it is important to confirm that they are meeting the expectations of your clients. Consistently analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) and ask for client feedback about the quality of hire so that you can continually improve your hiring process. You can also collect testimonials from your clients and share success stories to improve your business long term.

  2) Creating a great recruitment strategy 


There is no right or wrong strategy, as long as whatever you are doing continues to improve recruitment KPIs. This is why every hiring pipeline is different. Here are some important things that you may want to consider as a part of your recruitment strategy.

Create a pipeline of candidates:

Staffing agencies should be proactive when building a candidate pipeline. When you have a pipeline, all you need to do is match the candidates with the right roles as new client requests come in. You can compile, organize, and store all candidate data by using an applicant tracking system (ATS). It can be extremely beneficial to identify hard-to-fill roles and roles that you frequently hire for and build respective talent pipelines. You can help your candidates stay aware of your offerings by consistently communicating with them.

Diversify sourcing strategies:

A great candidate may be hiding in plain sight, which is why it can make a significant difference to get creative with your sourcing strategies. Explore social media platforms, employee referrals, or campus recruitment drives to source candidates instead of just relying on job boards.

Zoho Recruit’s Source Boosters can help you find relevant candidates from multiple job boards in minutes.

Recruit virtually:

Remote recruitment can be more convenient for both recruiters and candidates alike. This process has the potential to save a lot of time and money and open doors to borderless recruitment. You also have an opportunity to record one-way video interviews and share them with clients for a better understanding of the candidate.

Zoho Recruit’s one-way video interview feature allows you to present candidates with a set of questions that they can answer through a recorded video.

Shortlist candidates with assessments:

Recruiters are often bombarded with an enormous volume of resumes, and it can be unrealistic to interview them all. By pre-screening applicants with assessments, it’s much easier to shortlist strong candidates. Assessments can also provide an objective view of candidate skills and whether they will be suitable for the role.

Take a look at Zoho Recruit’s assessment feature.

Make it easy to apply:

Candidate drop-off is a serious issue in recruiting, and it can be significantly reduced by simplifying the recruitment process. You can optimize your recruitment efforts by creating a straightforward and accessible application process, using email and SMS messages to keep applicants in the loop, and ensuring your career site is smartphone friendly. Most importantly, don’t shy away from making social media a part of your recruitment strategy.

Read how you can start your social hiring journey.

  3) Choosing the perfect recruitment software 


Investing in a highly-functional recruitment software can give you a competitive edge over other staffing firms. Some key benefits of an ATS include ease of tracking applications, creating a talent pipeline, assessing and pre-screening applicants, conducting background checks, and improving the candidate experience by facilitating better communication.

With an ATS, you can ensure that you never lose candidate data. Keeping a record of all the candidates that you source and interview can be greatly beneficial when you have similar job openings in the future. 

You can also reduce human error while entering data when you use an automated resume screening software. Learn how Zoho Recruit can help you manage resumes.

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