A Bunch of Ways to Grow with Recruitment Automation & Tech

Ashley Bowlin, TrackerRMS

58% of Staffing and Recruiting Firms Surveyed Plan to Grow with Recruitment Automation & Technology in 2021.

Here are a bunch of ways you can implement recruitment automation, technology and software to grow your firm with a better margin, more business, and faster placements.

Automation Technology and Streamlined Recruitment Processes go hand-in-hand with the right recruitment and staffing tools. When a firm utilizes automation sequences and integrated technology to streamline processes, they are able to give their production teams hours back in their day, so they can spend more time impacting the bottom line.

Further, steam-lined processes for any team help create standard protocols that take the guesswork out of what to do next. Using your ATS or CRM to do this allows every recruiter and sales person to follow a pre-defined process and use standardized (and often automated) flows to increase productivity and reduce admin time.

According to statistics from G2, “over 98% of fortune 500 companies use recruitment software.”

Successful firms will continue to build on their marketing and sales programs; utilizing technology and software to do this will be key.


1. Streamline Processes & Save Recruiters Time

Automation increases the productivity of your recruiters by streamlining repetitive tasks such as follow-up emails, contact or candidate status updates, onboarding communication sequences, data entry, sourcing (see below), candidate matching, and so on.


  • Automate Standard Communications or Nurturing Campaigns
  • Workflow Automations for Updating Statuses or Other Fields
  • Integrated Web Forms for Capturing Candidate Data (in Bulk)
  • Automated (and Integrated) Resume Parsing
  • AI Candidate Ranking
  • Auto Match of Candidates to Open Jobs

These are just a few ways that a great recruitment software and integrated technology can help your recruiters (and your entire team)

  • Streamline Daily Processes
  • Communicate More Consistently & Quickly
  • Engage Passive Candidates
  • Build New Business and Skill Market
  • Place More Candidates
  • And, Grow… with Recruitment Automation


2. Automate Sourcing & Candidate Matching

Sourcing is one of the top ranked needs for recruiters year after year.  While recruiters need to be able to effectively search and source from your firm’s own internal database or applicant tracking system, often they also need to be able to search the major job boards you use as well, including LinkedIn, Your Own Website, Monster.comIndeed.com, and any other job board you use.

Additionally, the integration should allow your ATS to seamlessly connect with each of these websites or job boards.


  • Automatically Capture Candidate Data
  • Effectively Parse Candidate Resumes
  • Allow the Setup of Watchdogs
  • Auto Match Candidates to Open Jobs
  • Allow One-Click Posting Out to All Integrated Sites

Of these, the feature that might save your recruiters the most time and allow your firm as a whole to source more effectively, is what we call Watchdogs.

How do Tracker Watchdogs work? Basically, Tracker bots crawl your job boards every night to find new candidates that match your open jobs, auto-process and auto-parse them, then automatically send them a personalized email from you (the recruiter), requesting a call back first thing in the morning. Yes, it is pretty magical.

When your recruiters can log in each morning with a queue full of potential candidates, they can quickly vet (and, with Tracker, automatically engage) candidates. This saves them tons of time searching, matching and entering candidates into the database. With this extra time in their day, they can focus more on what recruiters do best. Building relationships with candidates and making placements.

According to G2, “94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say that using a recruitment software has positively impacted their hiring process.” But, choosing the right software can be tricky.

For a personal consult of how your firm can grow with recruitment automation and software, reach out to the Tracker team here.


3. Recruitment Marketing Automation

50% of sales happen after the 5th attempt to reach a prospect, but the average sales rep only makes two attempts to reach a prospect. The same logic applies to recruitment and candidate engagement. Number (and method) of touches matter.

When it comes to recruitment marketing, automation is about letting your software do the heavy lifting.


  • Better Segmentation
  • Compliant Bulk Campaigns
  • Personalized Mass Communications
  • Automated Data Updates & Activity Triggers
  • Drip Nurturing Campaigns (Sequences)
  • Data Driven Decision Logic
  • Dynamic Routing of your Automation

These features increase the productivity of your marketing, sales and recruitment teams by automating repetitive tasks, such as:

  • Follow Up Emails or Call Reminders
  • Personalized Informative Emails or Texts with Placement/Start Info
  • Onboarding Sequences
  • Re-Engagement Email Sequences
  • Auto Data Capture with Integrated Web Forms
  • And More

An effective applicant tracking system will have quick automations built in throughout the platform, enabling your team to always have the next step in place. Further, the use of communication and workflow sequences allows your teams to standardize typical communications paths and provide a consistent experience for candidates, clients, and other contacts.

More on automation and marketing.

Additional Insight into Growth with Recruitment Automation & Other Recruitment Trends

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