AI reinvents jobs

New Willis Towers Watson technology for today’s challenges

Based on Willis Towers Watson’s Reinventing Jobs methodology, WorkVue allows organisations to redesign the way their work is organised. It enables organisations to deconstruct jobs, evaluate work alternatives — across technology, employees and non-traditional talent — and reconfigure tasks into new, more optimal jobs.

“The health and economic chaos caused by COVID-19 makes it impossible for organisations to delay decisions about the future of work. Before stability is restored, organisations will want to be prepared with a work strategy for how automation and their permanent and contingent talent combine to meet their goals,” said George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead for Willis Towers Watson’s UK Talent & Reward business. “As organisations prioritise their COVID-19 response, it’s important to balance immediate needs with the ability to rebound and remain viable long term. WorkVue delivers strong modeling capability to help companies rethink their workforce and create a sustainable operating model and cost structure at a time when the world of work has never been more uncertain.”

With WorkVue, employers can analyse work at a task level, gain greater clarity into mission-critical work and better adapt to changing business needs. Their analysis can reveal independent versus interactive tasks, allowing them to identify which aspects of work can be performed remotely and ensure all types are suitably supported. This process fosters an environment of employee empowerment by allowing the workforce to focus on meaningful, non-routine work, resulting in a more compelling overall employee experience.

WorkVue is backed by a systematic methodology and real-time visualisation. It is available to organisations globally:


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