Build a happier workplace by creating a strong employer brand

Your employer brand has a critical influence on the kind of talent you attract as recruitment transcends borders and becomes more candidate-driven. When you position yourself well amongst competitors, more candidates will come to you.

It’s important to create a story around your employer brand and stay consistent with it across communication with your potential workforce and within your organization.

Reduce your cost per hire by 43% with a good employer brand

You can significantly improve your ROI with the right employer brand. This also helps you expand your talent pool and leverage employee networks.

Plus, a clear employer brand can help your candidates identify if they are the right fit for your company.

How to create a well-rounded employer brand

Every company already has an employer brand, and the only work to be done is refinement.

In order to build a good employer brand, you first need to create an employee value proposition (EVP) that highlights your organization’s values, mission, vision, benefits, and culture. To ensure that your EVP is in alignment with your actual employee experience, it’s useful to conduct company-wide surveys and understand your employee’s perspectives on your current offerings.

You can ensure that your story and your brand’s personality reach the desired audience by creating a strong online presence. This means investing time and resources into building a career site, strengthening your landing pages, and paying attention to the communications that are made through social media. Ensure that all of your branding efforts are properly digitized for enhanced online outreach. You can even encourage your employees to be your brand ambassadors and ask them to share new job openings on their social media.

Be sure to lead with purpose and stay aware of what is best for your employees in the short and long term. Feedback can really help you verify that your branding efforts have the desired effect on people both inside and outside of your company.

Learn how to create a strong employee value proposition.

Make your employees your brand ambassadors 

When your employees speak about what their experience is really like inside the company, it can create a lot of value without any effort from your end. It is important that you practice what you preach and create a good environment for people to work in so that they are more likely to spread the word about your company to their networks.

When your workplace is happy, it is more productive. This also leads to better talent retention and favorable customer perception. Make it a priority to appreciate your people and be sure their feedback is an integral part of your company’s growth.

Nurture your employer brand 

Only part of building your employer brand is actually within your control. Your employer brand is continually refined by your company’s leadership, employees, customers, and other stakeholders, making it an ongoing process. Keep this important consideration in mind while nurturing your employer brand and shaping it into an accurate representation of your organization’s identity.

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