Each Person Announces the Relaunch of their Diesel Card

August 2023

Each Person Helps People Save More on Diesel by Relaunching the Diesel Card Across the UK and Northern Ireland!


Due to the success of the Diesel Card, Each Person has taken the time to increase the benefits and is ready to relaunch in August. A number of new outstanding improvements have been introduced to deal with the high level of demand, compete with the lowest diesel card rates in the market, and, most importantly, help people save more money on diesel.


The new Diesel Card will offer typical savings of £100-£200 on diesel per year. The card is accepted at thousands of garages across the UK and Northern Ireland which can be identified using the easy to use station finder. People can set their own monthly amount to spend and choose how to receive any unspent balance. A dedicated support team will be available to answer any queries, aid with any problems, and help people to make the most of their Diesel Card.


Why is Each Person’s rewards and recognition scheme relaunching the Diesel Card?


While in the midst of the cost of living crisis and the prices of everyday items rising, it is crucial for people to find ways of saving money. The added impact of Brexit and the conflict in Ukraine has meant many people could not afford their diesel. In 2022, the price of diesel hit a record high of 196.8 in the UK and, although this number is slowly dropping, there remains a national issue (1). 


Each Person introduced the Diesel Card to offer major discounts on diesel at a number of garages across the UK. The relaunch introduces improved updates such as availability at more locations, flexibility with unspent balance, and regularly lower diesel prices.


Matt Norbury, CEO at Each Person, said, “At Each Person, we believe that employee recognition comes in all shapes and sizes. Supporting your people’s mental, physical, and financial wellbeing in these difficult financial times is incredibly important. The Each Person Diesel Card can lift a weight off the shoulders of people who may be struggling with affording their diesel.” 


Driving Down Diesel Prices


The Diesel Card has a simple sign-up process where users can set a monthly amount of diesel to spend on their card. This amount can be changed once per month. Users can also choose whether to receive any unspent balance at the end of the month as a voucher to use on the Each Person shop or to deduct it from the next month’s payment, meaning your leftover spend will always be given back to you.


The card can be used to receive typical savings of £100-£200 on diesel per year at thousands of garages across the UK and Northern Ireland, found using the station finder on the Diesel Card page. 


Receive typical savings of £100-£200 on diesel per year at thousands of garages across the UK and Northern Ireland, found using the station finder.


Sam B, Berkshire: “Being a builder putting diesel in my van every week takes a big chunk out of my weekly wage. I usually fill up the van with about £400 worth of diesel a month. Once I started using the Each Person Diesel Card, I’m saving around 20%! I just use the card at whichever fuel station is on the station finder and automatically get money off every time!” 


Naz J, Surrey: “Signing up for the Diesel Card was a no-brainer since I spend about £200 on diesel per month, and with the rising prices, it’s a great deal! The sign-up process was quick and easy, and the support team was incredibly helpful with answering the questions I had.”


“The larger number of garages is really helpful, especially for the moments when you’re on the motorway and suddenly need to fill up. The station finder is easy to use, and there are plenty of available garages in my local area. Being able to roll over any unspent balance to next month or get a voucher for the Each Person shop is a fantastic money-saving feature of the Diesel Card.”


“Signing up for the Diesel Card was a no-brainer” – Naz J.


Each Person’s Employee Reward and Recognition Scheme

Each Person enables companies to look after their people and the planet. Offering ‘in the moment’ thank yous, encouraging healthy spending habits through the Each Person shop, and even the ability to fund eco-projects. 


Employees want to be recognised, not only for the job they do but for who they are as people. At Each Person, it’s simple to show people how valued they are for their hard work and commitment while saving them money.


The Each Person Diesel Card is an exceptional way to show employees that their financial wellbeing is considered by helping them typically save £100-£200 on diesel per year at thousands of garages across the UK and Northern Ireland. Companies have the option to purchase coupon codes for their employees to waive the £19.99 fee.


We look forward to seeing your people save money on the road!



For additional information, please contact Ella Wyatt, Head of Marketing, at e.wyatt@eachperson.com, Alex Crump, PR & Marketing Coordinator, at a.crump@eachperson.com , Shane Sullivan, Head of Partnerships, at s.sullivan@eachperson.com or Ewan Gander, Business Sales Executive at e.gander@eachperson.com.

About Each Person

We have a solution for you if you’re interested in exploring ways to help your team’s financial and mental well-being. We power an unparalleled employee savings program with our market-leading employee recognition platform and eco-points. 

Each Person is leading the way in employee recognition and rewards, doing more for you, your people, and the planet.

 This is totally unique in the market and includes: 

  • The highest cashback levels available 
  • Savings across all areas of employee spend plus now their car diesel
  • Effortlessly support eco-projects
  • Ecards, nominations, automated long service and much more

Each Person enables your people to create healthy financial habits to help with unexpected costs. What’s more, we help employers tackle climate change through our partnership with Carbon Footprint and our Eco-points. We even increase your reward budget by 10% every time.

An easy-to-use and automated system, Each Person is designed to help businesses retain and attract talent in an increasingly competitive world of workplace cultures all while being committed to tackling climate change at the same time.


Each Person helps HR teams create and sustain a culture of valued, motivated, and engaged employees through ‘in the moment’ recognition and rewards. Powered by our rewards currency Epoints, employees also gain access to the market’s broadest range of rewards with thousands of popular brands, deals, and discounts with the highest cashback available.


We are proud to be supporting clients such as BUPA, NHS, American Golf, and Virgin Active.


>>Top 5 Employee Solutions Provider – HR Tech Outlook 2022


To find out more, visit us at www.eachperson.com today! 

Find us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/each-person/, Instagram at @_eachperson https://www.instagram.com/_eachperson/, and Twitter at @_EachPerson https://twitter.com/_EachPerson


  1. Statistica – https://www.statista.com/statistics/299552/average-price-of-diesel-in-the-united-kingdom/

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