Expanding Partnership Delivers Rewards

Breedon Consulting and ER Recruitment reach new highs after one year in partnership

East Midlands-based HR experts, Breedon Consulting Limited is celebrating its first year in partnership with ER Recruitment.

Over the past year, the two companies have worked in tandem to provide a full scope of HR, recruitment and learning and development services, and a result have expanded their client bases across the East Midlands.

The partnership was forged after longstanding companions Nicki Robson, managing director of Breedon Consulting, and Eileen Richards, managing director of ER Recruitment, joined forces to broaden their services and provide complementary disciplines.

With the recruitment market continuing to be fast paced, and candidate driven, more roles are being advertised than ever and the ability to attract top talent has become increasingly challenging. ER recruitment works alongside its partners to identify hiring issues and offers solutions, which go beyond recruiting a new candidate – consisting of upskilling employees, supporting companies to retain staff and brands to promote themselves as an employer of choice to attract new talent.

While Breedon also specialises in profiling, individual development, management development, employee engagement and performance frameworks, the pair have been able to offer an approach that focuses on employee retention and attracting new recruits into businesses.

Nicki Robson, managing director of Breedon Consulting, said: “Eileen and I both wanted to expand our service offering to clients, but also wanted to focus on our individual areas to not dilute our expertise, so the partnership made sense and it has been brilliant. HR and recruitment are interlinked, but both need different skill sets.

“Our teams complement one another, to provide an integrated service, and as a result both companies have been able to expand their client bases as well as ER’s services to include psychometric testing for senior roles, which is carried out by Breedon.”

Eileen Richards, managing director of ER Recruitment, said: “The partnership is much more than us just passing on work to one another, we support each other’s CSR initiatives and community involvement – all of which reflects our passion and commitment. We trust they are managing our clients with the same outstanding customer service as ourselves.”

Breedon Consulting and ER Recruitment plan to expand the service offerings further as they look to diversify within new geographic areas to provide a combined, tailored service.

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