Furloughed engagement

APSCo offering essential compliance training

In response to the increasing number of recruitment companies furloughing consultants due to COVID-19, APSCo has provided access to a number of free licences for its ‘Essential Compliance for Recruiters’ course, in an attempt to help firms keep furloughed consultants engaged and continue their professional development.

The course, a joint venture between APSCo and Recruitment Juice, is a first for the professional recruitment sector and enables recruiters to gain the Compliance+ Recruiter accreditation, a best practice quality standard for recruitment consultants.

The course consists of a series of videos, downloads and multiple-choice quizzes that cover a range of compliance topics including equality, diversity & discrimination laws, preventing unconscious bias, GDPR, and changes to off-payroll working. The course also contains a final assessment which will give consultants the Compliance+ Recruiter accreditation.

Moya Rylands, Membership Director at APSCo, commented

“In these testing times, APSCo is doing everything in its power to support recruiters and consultants during COVID-19. We understand how difficult it is to keep furloughed workers engaged and motivated, and therefore we wanted to provide something that would add value to individuals and businesses.”

“With the large number of furloughed consultants that will be keen to carry on their professional development, increasing access to the Essential Recruitment Compliance Course was a no-brainer. The course will not only keep recruiters engaged and provide them with information that will limit future risk, but also allow them to display the Compliance+ accreditation on all their correspondence – a real differentiator for businesses.”


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