Helping Your Contract Workers

Looking for ways to help your contract workers?

Following the launch of the new IR35 rules back in April, many contract workers have been put in a position where they will now be classified as ‘employees’ and subject to PAYE with income tax and NI deducted at source, adversely affecting the worker’s net pay.

If you are looking at ways to help these operatives, Futurelink Group can help them reduce their NI and tax liabilities using our fully compliant PAYE Umbrella solution. By offsetting their out-of-pocket business expenses against their tax liabilities, workers can improve their net pay.

As with most umbrella payroll companies, we manage employer’s National Insurance, holiday and sick pay. Best still, there is no cost to the agency or consultancy since we charge a small management fee to the worker, which is also tax-deductible.

To find out more about our PAYE and Self-Employed payment options, please visit our website, email or call 01923 277 900.

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