How automation can help your recruitment business grow

Jason Martin, Access Group

Industries around the world are using automation to help them improve efficiency, streamline operations and lower their costs, and the recruitment industry is no exception.

Automating the business processes at your recruitment agency and integrating all your systems into one seamlessly functioning entity can help you run more efficiently while increasing your profit.

While many recruitment businesses may think that automation is difficult to implement, it needn’t be and with the right solution and provider it can be very simple. Here’s how recruitment businesses can benefit from adopting automation.

Get the most from your recruitment website  

Volcanic, our cloud-based recruitment website platform gives you everything you need to manage your digital presence. Designed to boost candidate attraction and retention, your staffing website must sit front and centre of your lead generation strategy.

It is essential that your recruitment website is flexible, rather than a static Wordpress site, and that you can augment copy and adapt content to reflect the growth of your recruitment business. It will also yield better results when it is integrated with your recruitment CRM and marketing and automation tools.

Streamline your processes 

The right recruitment CRM should support all aspects of your candidate and client relationships, through the placement process to payment collection. By streamlining your entire recruitment process, it will free up more time for your teams to focus on business-development tasks that help grow your agency.

Our unified recruitment software platform, Access Workspace, is able to connect all of your business applications across HR, Finance and LMS applications integrated with our recruitment industry-specific solutions. We are uniquely able to deliver an entire end-to-end solution “from candidate to cash” to digitally transform the way you work.

Ensure compliance 

Automated compliance features, such as those included in our recruitment CRM, ensure your agency is adhering to the all legislation – Agency Workers Regulations, data security regulations and GDPR – complete with a fully auditable trail.

Similarly, our website platform follows internationally recognised best practices and a secure architecture to take the worry out of security compliance. Our built-in tools and intuitive workflows make it easy to keep your business totally GDPR compliant.

Screen candidates faster 

Comprehensive automated background screening can help your recruitment agency speed up your time to hire, helping you place the right candidates quicker, whilst protecting your agency from reputational damage and fines.

Using automated processes to screen candidates can help you conduct Right to Work, DBS, identity and reference checks to quickly validate candidates and get them onboard quickly. Not only does this reduce the time and cost of admin for your agency, but it also improves the candidate experience.

Simplify payroll and invoice processing  

Automated payroll software delivers time and cost savings together with greater accuracy and improved data protection.  It gives your team the power to automatically schedule payroll and invoicing processes at any time or day.

We save customers up to 25% of their valuable time by using the automated processes of our pay and bill software, giving them the freedom to do more, or operate with leaner back-office teams. Alternatively, some opt to outsource their pay and bill entirely for peace of mind.

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