Hybrid key for Talent

Research from Glassdoor tells employers to embrace hybrid working

Research from Glassdoor across more than 527,000 reviews by UK workers has found that hybrid-discussing workers are significantly more satisfied in their roles than their non-hybrid counterparts. So much so that they are nearly half as likely to look for a new role as other employees.

‘Hybrid’ itself is the hot topic amongst employees, with overall mentions of the word growing 17 times year-on-year (up over 1600 percent). Furthermore, positive discussion of ‘hybrid’ has skyrocketed 3682 percent since the pandemic began in 2020.

When it comes to the quality of workplace experiences, reviews left anonymously by employees on Glassdoor reveal that hybrid-reviewing workers rated their company significantly higher for every workplace factor than non-hybrid workers, indicating greater satisfaction in their role. And work-life balance is the starkest difference for employees who mention ‘hybrid’, rating this 4.4 out of 5 versus 3.8 for those who don’t.

The research also found that although both 1 in 4 hybrid and non-hybrid workers click on job ads within a week of leaving a review on Glassdoor, those who do not mention hybrid working are nearly twice as likely to start job applications. In total, 2.4 percent of hybrid employees applied to a new job within a week of leaving their review, versus 4.3 percent of other employees – a 43 percent difference.

Commenting on the research, Glassdoor’s UK economist, Lauren Thomas, said: “In today’s tight labour market where there are record levels of job vacancies and unemployment is low, employees are the driving force for changing how we work. While some companies may be reluctant to allow hybrid working, Glassdoor’s research shows that workers are generally happier, more productive and less likely to consider leaving if they are allowed autonomy and flexibility over their working pattern.

“However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the world of work post-pandemic,” she adds. “Companies need to introduce proper hybrid working policies for those who are at the start of their career, or are not managers, to continue to learn, flourish and make connections at work. The key to successful hybrid working is creating a workplace community and culture that supports employees professionally and personally.”

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