Mental Health Support for the staffing sector

Calling for the government to put mental health equality at the heart of its plans

Rhonda D’Ambrosio has seized the torch of Mental Health In Recruitment and created a not-for-profit to serve recruiters globally. Off the back of the Covid-19 Social Study by UCL and the Centre for Mental Health’s recently released briefing paper calling for the government to put mental health equality at the heart of its plans to recover from the pandemic, this initiative could not have been launched at a better time.

Joined by some 30 recruitment professionals, London based D’Ambrosio aims to drive wide-scale change in the recruitment workplace. Rhonda’s platform normalises conversations and actions around mental health which removes discrimination and generates recognition and support.

Going live with the new website are: a podcast created to give mental health sufferers a voice; a library of resources to help business leaders; a mental health directory covering 4 countries (soon to be more), and access to ambassadors and champions; like-minded industry professionals who are committed to making the recruitment workplace somewhere people can bring their true selves to.

Founder D’Ambrosio, Transformation Director of development and wellbeing organisation ebenable, and co-creator of resilience through adversity app Kite Support, has been consistently vocal about the need for better mental health support and understanding for the last 7 years, she cites losing an industry friend and colleague to suicide in 2017 as the defining event behind her mission to drive change.

With a career spanning 23 years, Rhonda has broad experience across Operational Management, Leadership and Board roles for StartUps, SMEs and large recruitment organisations. This experience enables a deep understanding of the pressures associated with working in the industry.

Rhonda says: “We need to see a change around how mental health is viewed and supported in the industry. No-one should be made to feel like they can’t speak out or that speaking out may be detrimental to their career. Every single one of us has mental health in the same way we have to physical health, as employers we have a duty of care to both. Supporting employees in the workplace is a win-win, not only does it improve lives it also improves business.”

Ambassador & Advisor Natasha Clarke, previously the Chief People Officer at SThree says “supporting Mental Health In Recruitment means I can give something back to the industry that has given me so much. Maintaining good mental health and caring for others ensures we build trust and give people the security to exist in a way that expresses every aspect of who they are.”

Mental Health In Recruitment will soon be launching the Awareness to Action pledge; a commitment to driving change to how mental health is viewed and supported in the workplace. Awareness to Action is uniquely for the Recruitment industry and for those organisations who want to take the first steps towards positive action and cultural change. Signing the pledge gives recruitment businesses of any size a simple and achievable roadmap toward making change.


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