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Marmalade Marketing launches new service

Recruitment Marketing specialists, Marmalade Marketing, have announced the launch of an on-demand service for recruitment businesses in need of marketing support.

Marmalade Marketing’s new Marketing on-Demand offering complements their existing services in branding, content and technology for recruitment businesses, on a flexible basis, with no time commitment or minimum terms.

The recruitment marketing specialists work with a range of national and global clients, and regularly deliver tactical marketing services such as website and social media content, branding and digital lead generation with their Automated Recruitment Marketing platform.

With Marketing on-Demand, Marmalade Marketing look to support businesses with quick and effective solutions in their marketing functions. Jo Lee, Managing Director of Marmalade Marketing says: ‘We are incredibly passionate about the recruitment industry, and are committed to helping recruitment businesses develop their brands and strengthen their marketing through a period of potential downturn. Using our expertise and long-standing insight into the industry, we are confident that Marketing on-Demand will enable recruitment leaders to continue their marketing efforts, on a time and cost-effective basis’.

At a minimum cost of £1,000, clients of the Marketing on-Demand service will be able to draw down on this budget and use it how they wish. Jo continues: ‘We understand that recruitment businesses have made cuts across their budgets, but marketing is still an important part of maintaining brand consistency in the market and standing out against competitors. So, with Marketing on-Demand, recruitment businesses can maintain their marketing efforts without longer-term commitment to larger contracts and this consistency builds their client’s confidence’.

Marmalade Marketing is able to assist with a range of services as part of their Marketing on-Demand service, including:

  • Website and social media content & strategy.
  • Branding and branded materials.
  • Digital business development and lead generation.
  • Marketing consultancy and strategic planning.

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