Skills Assessment – Alternatives to IBM Kenexa

With the 2020 withdrawal of IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments on Cloud, ISV.Online has been approached by a number of IBM clients seeking a replacement skills testing and assessment solution. ISV.Online works with many of the UK’s largest recruitment agencies (including the likes of Manpower and Pertemps) and leading employers such as the NHS and Thameslink, and so are a natural home to such organisations.

Employers seeking an alternative to the IBM Kenexa assess platform tend to find that that the ISV range of skills tests mirror the IBM offering closely (the assess product replace IBM’s “Prove It” application, and a number of Prove It clients switched to ISV.Online when that application was withdrawn). To learn more, contact a member of the Sales Team or book a free demonstration or trial.

The ISV platform offers a variety of tests ranging from psychometric assessments, through general skills such as numeracy and literacy, software application assessments such as Microsoft Office to industry and job specific tests – such as assessments to evaluate a candidates ability to work in a contact centre.

ISV.Online also offer a suite of online training tools, designed to allow Learning and Development Managers to assess the skills of employees, identify gaps and then close those gaps. The online training covers everything from cyber security to business correspondence.

In addition to this wide range of standard tests, ISV also offers an authoring tool, designed to allow clients to create custom tests. This functionality allows employers to offer branded assessments designed around unique working practices – a vital requirement for organisations that have previously enjoyed the flexibility of IBM Skills Assess.

To learn more about how ISV Skills Assessments can assist with both the assessment of candidate skills pre-employment and ongoing employee training and assessment needs, contact a member of the Sales Team or book a free demonstration or trial.


ISV.Online is the leading supplier of skills testing software and services to the UK Recruitment Industry.  Used by 9 of the top 10 UK agencies, by number of offices, and 7 of the top 10, by revenue, ISV.Online offers candidate skills assessment and evaluation software and online training tools, allowing agencies and in-house HR/recruitment teams to validate the skills of potential candidates and existing employees across a wide range of areas.




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