Stronger ‘Together’

Initiative seeks to guide recruitment businesses through COVID-19 uncertainty

A recruitment marketing collective has joined forces to offer marketing consultancy and support at no additional cost to businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new initiative, ‘Together’, was developed during conversations in Glenn Southam’s popular Lonely Marketers WhatsApp group, following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on Saturday about the second UK lockdown.

‘Together’ sees some of the recruitment marketing industries most well-known names offer their expertise to businesses through a broad range of offerings, including:

A 45-minute video kick-off session to understand the business and what marketing ‘quick wins’ are available

A dedicated three-person hub with a variety of experience and insight to support through WhatsApp/email

Invitation to the collective WhatsApp Together group for reactive marketing guidance and experience sharing

Access to technology, guides and tools where possible from a selected group of suppliers – at no cost

“The Lonely Marketers community, of over 130 individuals, reacted to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday by asking what we can do to help businesses most severely impacted by the new lockdown” Southam said.

Companies that can receive help “may be from the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors, but not exclusively”, a statement from Lonely Marketers says on its website.

“If you understand that you need marketing but you simply do not have the time or available resource at the moment, then Together may be for you,” the statement on the website says.

“What Together is not is an offering to be taken advantage of,” the statement warns. “We’re not a free replacement or addition to existing marketing functions.

“If you’re struggling at the moment and want to maintain your brand presence but don’t know where to look, what to do or who to ask, then give us a shout.”

For more information or to enquire, visit the Together website.


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