Two New at FCSA

NWM and Sister Firm 2020 Accountancy Awarded FCSA Accreditation.

Expert Umbrella/CIS solutions provider NWM, alongside sister firm 2020 Accountancy, are pleased to announce that both companies have been awarded FCSA accreditation from the Freelancer & Contractor Services Association, the UK’s leading membership body for compliant professional employment service providers.

Having been a leading service provider in the contractor supply chain for over 15 years, NWM has been instrumental in working alongside thousands of contractors across a range of industries for their compliance and process-led approaches. Offering umbrella employment and CIS payroll services, NWM have built an unmatched reputation of providing responsive and focused solutions to thousands of contractors, whilst sister firm 2020 Accountancy is recognised for contractor accountancy services. 

Undergoing rigorous assessments of their respective business practices, performed by a team of independent assessors, both NWM and 2020 Accountancy were awarded the accreditation as the FCSA looked to commend their dedication to compliance standards and overall operations.

Graham Williams, CEO of NWM, said: ‘For over 15 years, NWM and 2020 Accountancy have been dedicated to providing the very best solutions to the contract market, whilst upholding strict compliance standards and always maintaining a contractor-focused approach. We are now proud to further our standing and reputation with the support of the FCSA accreditation, and continue our year-on-year growth’.

Formed to provide outstanding umbrella employment and CIS payroll services, NWM look to continue their success whilst honouring their values and high standards, whilst 2020 Accountancy look forward to developing their contractor accountancy offering.

For more information, please visit the FCSA Directory of Accredited Members.



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