Voyager Infinity and LinkedIn now integrate with Microsoft Teams

If there’s a silver lining in the current pandemic, it has to be how video meetings have become the norm at a much faster pace than was ever anticipated.

Even LinkedIn announced partnerships with Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon and Zoom to add video meetings to private conversations.

That’s great – but recruiters also need better options to manage video calls from within their own CRM.

That’s why Voyager Software chose to integrate Microsoft Teams for all Voyager Infinity clients. It’s the better option, and totally free of charge for anyone who has MS Office 365 – and who doesn’t these days?

Even better, it’s likely that MS Teams will soon incorporate click-to-dial functionality – which means users will be able to call any number using it.

You can do this already with loads of different third party Chrome extensions (Loup is a good one), but with MS Office 365 and MS Teams on your laptop and smartphone, what phone calls would you ever need to pay for?

Recruiters will love it – who needs a landline? Watch this space… A very smart move by Microsoft.

How to send MS Teams video interviews using LinkedIn

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