5 Shockingly Funny Recruiter Stories 不

In the world of recruitment, we can be mistaken for being a bit too serious sometimes.

But beneath the corporate coverage, we do also have a laugh.

From bad interview experiences to job horror stories, weve seen it all.

After reading this, youll understand how 69% of employers are currently having difficulty filling their job roles.

What at the time seems like the most embarrassing story of pure humiliation, often becomes a hilarious anecdote for the future.

After all, it’s important to laugh at yourself, especially when things dont quite go to plan.

As they say, The one who laughs first, laughs last.

So, without further ado, here are 5 shockingly funny recruiter stories to brighten your day.


1. Staying Stubborn in the Cupboard

Interview pressure can sometimes make us go a bit doolally.

For one woman, it all got too much.

After acing the interview and shaking the hands of her potential new bosses, she turned to exit and opened the door.

Although, instead of stepping out into the corridor, she walked into a cupboard. 丹

No, it gets better.

Instead of admitting to her mistake, she stayed in there!

After a few minutes, the three interviewers opened the cupboard and asked her if she was okay.

She said, Yes, I was just exploring my potential new company, and scarpered. 領儭

Believe it or not, she was offered the job!

However, if youre a job seeker reading this, dont read into it and get any ideas.

Hiding in a cupboard is never a good thing.


2. He Not Only Smashed the Interview

Corporate offices can be known for having huge expanses of glass.

One candidate going for a job in Manhattan decided to take a long way round to the interview room.

Next to the entrance was a huge glass window the size of the door.

Can you guess what happened next?

Thinking it was an open walkway, he walked straight into the window so hard he left his face printed on the glass!

Once again though, the candidate got the job, and also became a great asset to the team.

So funny was this incident that future colleagues of this unfortunate candidate circled the faceprint on the window for the cleaners to avoid as a keepsake.

It lasted a good six months, reminding the office of the day that the poor interviewee became an important team member.

Now, that faceprint is symbolic of how a bad interview experience gets transformed into a triumphant moment of overcoming adversity.


3. The Confident Convict

Now, they say confidence is key, especially in the recruitment industry.

For one prospective candidate though, this conviction may have slipped into the realms of delusion.

Marilyn Weinstein of Vivo shared this statement:

Hi I last contacted you on 2/20/2014 seeking work.

Normally, someone of my experience and skill set would be employed immediately.

I would like to disclose the reason I am still on the market to prevent wasting anybodys time.

I am a convicted felon in California, Georgia, and in Federal Courts.

I am the victim in each case…

For all their faults, you got to love the self-belief.

Unsurprisingly, the candidate didnt receive a job offer.

If you want to read the whole hilarious statement and find other funny anecdotes, read the full story on the AdBuilder website.

Remember recruiters, confidence isnt everything.

Make sure you thoroughly check the background of every candidate.

In this case, tax avoidance, escape, and resisting an executive officer!


4. The Phone Call That Was Too Important

User jen1237 posted a hilarious recruitment story on Reddit.

Somehow, a male candidate at her business was 40 minutes early but still managed to be late.


So, apparently after arriving (way) too early, he was asked if he wouldnt mind waiting across at the coffee shop next door, seeing as the office space was very small and had no waiting area.

No, he said.

I have an important phone call to make.

He proceeded to have a very loud conversation in the tiny office that lasted a long time and disturbed everyone inside.

Even when he was prompted that the interview was starting, he actually shushed Jen and said, IM ON THE PHONE.

Ten minutes later, he was ready for his interview.

As you can imagine, it didnt last very long and there are no points for guessing he didnt get the call.

The one that mattered that is.


5. It Wasnt Exactly Clear in the Job Title

Writing job ads isnt exactly easy.

Well, unless you have someone like AdBuilder to help you out.

This story was shared on the Workable website.

It involved a job that was entitled, Services and Sales Assistant, taking place within student accommodation.

The unlucky employee arrived thinking they were going to be warmly welcomed into an office, be shown a desk and who knows, maybe even a nice cup of coffee.

Instead, the first thing their new boss did was point to a mattress on the floor.

No, this wasnt a place for a mid-afternoon nap later.

This mattress had to be holstered onto their back and delivered to a students room.

The candidate had to suffer these mattress deliveries over the next few weeks.

Lets just say, it is not what they were expecting when they took on the job.

All jokes aside, misleading employees with poorly composed job ads is a dangerous game that can backfire on a company’s reputation and your agency.

Especially if that employee or candidate posts it all over the internet!

Be sure when you write job ads that they specify the duties and responsibilities of the role.

AdBuilder and AdGrader can help you create effective job ads that are also biased free.


Improve the Recruitment Process to Avoid these Funny Recruiter Stories

As funny as these recruiter stories are, some can be avoided with better recruitment practices.

A bad candidate experience has the potential to damage the reputation of the business.

Lots of media outlets are always looking for embarrassing stories to sink their teeth into.

To avoid this humiliation, use AdBuilder to help with your recruitment processes.

With a free trial, AdBuilder can take the stress of recruitment away while the next extension of AdGrader can make sure you dont use any unconscious bias or inappropriate language within the content of your job ads.

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