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APSCo turns up the heat across its networks

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo Australia) is launching several new Committees, Networks and Working Groups for 2021, in response to the result of a membership survey at the end of last year. The new moves will give members an opportunity to engage virtually, collaborate, share information and network among peers.

The newly created groups for 2021 are:

  • ACT Regional Committee
  • Medical Recruitment Working Group
  • Finance Director Network
  • In-house Counsel Working Group
  • Government Relations Working Group, and
  • Recruitment Marketing Network

APSCo has plans to encompass more States and Regions during 2021 to provide Members in those areas with the opportunity to raise and discuss issues facing their region.

“We are forging ahead with our plans, albeit in an adapted fashion, to help bring together members this year and drive opportunities for professionals across roles such as In-House Counsel to join others in similar roles in the industry,” says APSCo Australia managing director, Lesley Horsburgh.

“While our focus is naturally on business owners, managers and the recruitment function, there are an important number of professionals across our member companies, often in stand-alone roles, that make key decisions for the business. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that conversation and sharing is the powerhouse to productivity – regardless of its format,” she adds.

As part of the Association’s renewed Committee focus, APSCo has also forged a partnership with leading Government Relations group, The Civic Group. The creation of the Government Relations Working Group is at the heart of the partnership, which gives Members the opportunity to voice concerns and set an agreed agenda for lobbying Government throughout 2021.

The results of APSCo’s member survey show a strong appetite for face-to-face events, a watch and wait approach to travel and a large focus on investing in technologies.

“While the survey didn’t reveal anything too surprising, it’s clear to see that members are looking forward; prioritising candidate acquisition and retention, investing in new technologies and increasing overall business performance,” says Horsburgh. “The holding pattern we’ve all found ourselves in has loosened, and operational excellence, robust business practices and systems, and increased performance are now in the lens. ”

As part of the Association’s approach to facilitating conversation in 2021, the Association is gearing up to reveal the details of its inaugural Conference, which will be held in a face-to-face format in Sydney during May. Further details will be released next month.

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