Bid to raise £10,000 for NHS

Odro is well known throughout the recruitment industry, not just for its tech which is helping recruiters stay productive during lockdown, but also for its culture and team spirit. And now, as a fundraiser too!

Determined to maintain camaraderie while sending his employees to work from home for the first time in the company’s 6-year history, Ryan McCabe, CEO, and his team – like many of us – have been meeting on a daily basis online to do team quizzes, games and have a virtual coffee together. They even started ‘The Odcast’, an interview between two employees that’s shared with the rest of the team on a daily basis to find out more about each other’s lives outside of work.

However, now Ryan has transformed one of his weekly team games into a mission to raise money for NHS Charities Together, which supports NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. In a message to the recruitment industry that was shared on LinkedIn, Ryan wrote:

“I believe the recruitment industry can raise £10,000 for the NHS by playing Bingo. HEAR ME OUT…Culture is so important to maintain throughout this time. We have had pub quizzes and have had a few questions about what else we do to maintain our culture and keep morale high. For some fun, we decided to play Bingo on our weekly video call instead of the quiz…It was so much fun, but lots of work to set up. So, we decided to ask some of our tech team to build a VIRTUAL BINGO game that we could screen share! Some of the team are still laughing. It was brilliant. So, we’ve opened this up to the recruitment industry in the hope we can raise £10,000 for our amazing NHS. All we ask is that you donate some cash when you play to the NHS Charities together!”

I caught up with Ryan directly to find out more. He said: “I’m really proud of the culture and team dynamic we have at Odro. There’s a real sense of togetherness, which I’ve always thought is so important when you’re trying to create a place where people want to come to work. Typically, we don’t have people working from home. So when COVID came about I realised we were going to have to be a bit more inventive to make sure nobody felt isolated. We’ve also had three new people join us while on lockdown so that was in my mind too.

“Like businesses up and down the county, we’ve been meeting regularly, across departments and as a whole team, just to chat and have a laugh together. It was when we played Bingo that the idea really came together.

“Obviously everyone is super aware, now more than ever, what an amazing job the NHS is doing. I had been thinking of things we could do as a team to raise money. Then I thought, why not go one step further and take it to the industry instead. We’re in the fortunate position of having developers on-hand, in-house – I’m sure they love me [laughs] – so it wasn’t too long before the virtual Bingo was mocked up and ready for testing.”

“£10,000 is a big ask but I think we can do it. And hopefully Bingo gives people a laugh too, and something else to do together.”

To play, visit There’s a JustGiving page connected to the site, so have some fun and donate what you can for the NHS Heroes on the front line.

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