Build a Better Interview

HireVue leads Interviewing transformation with launch of HireVue Builder

HireVue, the video interviewing, assessments, chat and recruiting automation business, has launched HireVue Builder. This solution enables hiring teams to rapidly create high-quality structured interviews based on predetermined key skills for the job. By identifying the job role and level, HireVue Builder automatically suggests job related competencies, relevant interview questions and evaluation criteria that have been scientifically validated to create fairer hiring decisions and better predict on-the-job performance.

Structured interviews are well-documented as one of the most reliable ways to identify the best job candidates and reduce the bias that can often be a component of interviewing. The structured interview is developed to focus on a candidate’s job-relevant knowledge, skills, abilities, and work styles and provide a consistent and fair experience for all candidates.

A recent HireVue study found that hiring teams cite the need for structured interviews among their top priorities. Using Builder, teams can quickly create consistent interviews for all of their job roles, and across all industries, eliminating guesswork for busy hiring managers and empowering them with questions and ratings that lead to better and fairer decisions.

“The pathway to better hiring begins with better interviews,” said Kevin Parker, chairman and CEO of HireVue. “HireVue Builder takes the subjectivity out of the process with built-in structured interviews, leveling the playing field for all candidates. Combining HireVue Builder with our industry leading on-demand video interviewing solutions empowers organisations to further democratise their hiring process and find the best talent.”

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