Forward Green

Leading recruiter partners with enviro-tech start-up to offer green talent solution.

Marketing and digital recruiter Forward Role has partnered with Greenify, an environmental start-up, to offer employers a green talent solution. The move will give Forward Role’s clients the ability to ‘greenify a hire’ by offsetting new employees’ personal environmental footprint via a portfolio of natural climate solutions.

The partnership is based upon greenify® talent – labelled the world’s first planet-positive recruitment product. greenify® talent offers SME recruitment businesses their own independent sustainability credential and empowers them to make a measurable, positive impact on the environment.

“As consumers become increasingly climate-aware, brands must create authentic green propositions that enable customers to do business and to consume without trashing the planet,” says Neil Owens, co-founder at Greenify. “Our goal is to make that simple, straightforward and commercially attractive for every business in every sector.”

By partnering with Greenify, Forward Role is helping clients enhance their employer value proposition and boost advocacy within the rapidly growing climate-aware talent pool – particularly amongst Gen Z candidates.

“The partnership with Greenify is a game changer for us,” said Steve Thompson, Forward Role’s founder. “It’s an amazing feeling to know that our business is having a positive impact on the planet. That’s energised our whole team, which is helping us win new business and grow market share.

“Everyone loves the fact that each time they greenify a hire, they’re supporting incredible projects around the world – like protecting forests from illegal loggers, planting trees to repair damaged landscapes, or removing plastic waste before it reaches the ocean; that can then be processed into construction materials for new homes,” he adds. “Employers love the concept too, and it’s helped us win some fantastic new clients and campaigns; from FTSE companies looking to augment their ESG or CSR credentials, to forward-thinking SMEs that want to make their first step towards sustainability.”

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