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Efficient process vital amid chronic skills shortages

At a time when the number of job vacancies across the UK has reached a record high of 1.03 million, employers must streamline onboarding processes or risk losing candidates to the competition. That is, according to specialist background screening and identity services firm, Sterling.

The warning comes following research which has found that 60% of job seekers abandon the application process if it takes too long or is too complex. A separate study also suggests that a positive candidate experience makes a candidate 38% more likely to accept a job offer from a company.

Sterling advises that hirers can maximise efficiencies in the candidate screening process through utilising digital ID verification technology, maintaining consistent screening processes, and using technology to streamline workflows.

“There is no doubt that acute skills shortages across the UK are driving the need for efficient onboarding processes,” Steve Smith, managing director, Sterling EMEA said. “With rising vacancy numbers and competition for talent intensifying, employers must quite simply streamline background screening processes or risk losing candidates in the process.

“Digital ID verification technology, for example, offers both greater flexibility and accuracy,” he added. “Through simple, and mobile-friendly experiences, digital ID verification platforms empower applicants by giving them a secure way to quickly prove their identity and easily share their Right to Work documents. It’s a win-win. Employers can make decisions faster, without sacrificing the trust and safety of employees and customers; while employees are given a positive, streamlined experience, which speeds up screening and hiring.

“With UK employment now at pre-Covid levels employers across almost every sector are crying out for skills – and in this jobseeker driven market, candidate experience can become your competitive advantage.”

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