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SD Worx survey finds that Brits have positive experience joining and working for businesses

Despite turbulence and disruption in the business world over the past year, employees still rate their experience in employment positively. Three in five (59.7 per cent) UK employees have a very positive perception of their current work environment while one in five (21 per cent) in the UK say that they are better off in their roles compared with the period at the start of COVID-19 pandemic.

This is according to new research from SD Worx, the HR and payroll services provider, which surveyed 5,000 employers from five European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The survey included both smaller and larger companies across various industries.

Across Europe, eight out of ten (78.5 per cent) are positive about the recruitment process. Three quarters (76.3 per cent) of UK employees said they had positive or very positive experience while being hired to their current role. But this is by no means the best score, as employees in the Netherlands (88.2 per cent), Belgium (80.4 per cent) and Germany (77.1 per cent) tended to be more pleased with the hiring experience. French workers trail slightly behind of the UK at 71.4 per cent happy with their hiring experience.

Only one in twenty (5 per cent) have a poor onboarding experience in Europe, with four out of five (77.8 per cent) positively rating the support and guidance during the induction process. Positive hiring processes correlate with long-term job satisfaction, but remaining competent in a role often requires continuous training. Two-thirds of European workers (66 per cent) believe that they need to undergo continuous training to accommodate the changing nature of their job.

Digital training and learning resources are integral to retaining talent. When asked about what formal training and development opportunities were offered at a job, but the amount of employees across Europe who utilise digital tools and resources differs. One in five (21.6 per cent) of UK employees use e-learning and webinar opportunities, compared to 20.8 per cent in the Netherlands, 18.8 per cent in Germany, 16.8 per cent in Belgium and a lower 11 per cent in France. Incidentally, with combined training across digital and physical channels, the UK ranks highest in training satisfaction, with over half (52.6 per cent) saying that they have positive training experiences.

“With the various shifts in workstyle over the past year, employers need to ensure they offer stability when attracting and recruiting talent,” said Colette Philp, UK HR country lead at SD Worx. “Despite the changes in the job market, most employees in Europe have good experiences when joining companies. This satisfaction is predicated on providing good resources and support systems for people to grow and progress in their career. Employers that fail to provide support, especially with digital tools and resources, will face the challenge of a disengaged workforce.”

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