Reward Yourself

The deadline for the Global Recruiter Industry Awards approaches and there’s still time to get the recognition you deserve.

There is still time to get your entry into The Global Recruiter Industry Awards 2021. Simply go here to access the online forms for your category:

After a year like no other it is time for the recruitment industry to celebrate its achievements, resilience, adaptability and all round performance in the face of incredible change and challenge. With the pandemic disrupting our annual Awards last year, this year The Global Recruiter is bringing the industry what it deserves – the ideal way to demonstrate how your recruitment consultants and business has succeeded and flourished.

As always, The Global Recruiter Awards bring a level playing field to the industry, there’s no entrance fee and every entry is judged to strict criteria by a panel of industry experts. This year those experts will be taking into account the impact of the pandemic and, where appropriate, everyone’s response to those challenges.

From individual recruitment consultants to the very best companies, large, small, medium and specialist, The Global Recruiter Industry Awards has always found the very best always in recruitment practice wherever it exists. It has identified great innovative practice and supported fantastic new businesses as they move forward. It has also recognised the more established industry players – those businesses who deliver consistent service to the industry itself and across the wider business world.

To win your Award and get the recognition and accolade from the industry’s awards make sure you enter now. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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