How to prepare for new Off-Payroll reforms ahead of 2020

ContractorCalculator and Professional Passport have teamed up to deliver the “Shield Passport Process" over two events

ContractorCalculator and Professional Passport have teamed up to deliver the “Shield Passport Process” – which is a complete process for implementing the Off-Payroll Working reforms. There are events in Manchester and London designed to help contractor hiring firms, recruitment companies, and payment intermediaries find out how to meet all of their obligations under the new rules.

‘Off-Payroll (IR35) working in the private sector: The how-to guide for Off-Payroll’ will provide clear operational processes and procedures for companies to follow to ensure they are prepared and able to deal with all the changes ahead of April 2020.

Commenting, Dave Chaplin, CEO, and Founder of ContractorCalculator said: “Recently, HMRC published new guidance claiming to help people to ‘understand and prepare for changes to the off-payroll working rules’. But that guidance will have left readers more confused, and completely in the dark in terms of what they need to know and do. Firms can follow our four-stage process based on commonly understood protocols used for risk management, and they need to start now.”

Crawford Temple, MD of Professional Passport commented: “We’re going to explain the legislation in plain English instead of legal jargon, before translating this into everyday operational processes and procedures that will help organisations meet their requirements; we’re essentially saying: ‘This is what you need to do, and this is how you do it’.”

“We will demonstrate that implementing the off-payroll rules does not have to be difficult and that both firms and agencies have nothing to fear about the legislation. Agencies and firms will come away from the three hour session understanding the Shield Passport Process, which is a 4 stage, 12 steps operational guide on what they need to start doing, right now, to mitigate the risk the Off-payroll legislation presents them,” added Dave Chaplin.

The carefully designed process is generic and can be implemented by firms using their chosen providers, consultants, and in-house expertise.

The events will run on 23rd September 2019 in Manchester and on 7th October 2019 in London, with morning and afternoon presentations on both days. Anyone interested can find out more by visiting: Off Payroll (IR35) Working in The Private Sector – How-to guide to be ready event – Manchester and London

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