Just Like That!

Lawrence Bond, Director of BondMoran Recruitment has unique engagement methods for both clients and colleagues

It’s certainly NOT ‘business as normal’, however we are all working incredibly hard to add extra value to our networks (and potential clients too).

Everyone is seeking creative ways to engage with their connections. Staff buy-in, well-being and engagement is vital for every organisation at the moment, whether they have furloughed workers or not.

Some recruitment business have put their businesses on ice and others have found novel ways to support and build their network.

Not many Consultancies genuinely have a USP. Although an unusual claim to fame, Lawrence used to be a magician, a statement that receives the same variety of reactions as telling someone that you’re a recruiter!

That was a long time ago and it’s a talent he resurrected at the start of the Corona crisis. It began with him posting several magic tricks on LinkedIn and this novel ‘client engagement’ tool gained quick traction as it was so different, completely non-salesy and it helped at a time when a moment of light-relief was very welcome.

The idea quickly developed, and Lawrence started joining dozens of his contacts on their weekly video calls to help keep team spirits up.

He’s joined many of these businesses on multiple occasions and, as a result, he’s become engrained in their teams and cultures, all at a time when it’s been harder than ever for many to arrange client meetings.

The idea has further developed into magic workshops for some teams. Although the emphasis is always on fun, he bases the content around the values of that company.

Lawrence has done this on an entirely complimentary basis and has even helped numerous contacts by performing virtual magic shows for their families. This ranges from young kids who were upset to have birthdays without the fun party element, through to more mature relatives who were struggling with various elements of the Corona situation.

Lawrence sees this success in very simple terms.

Firstly, the need to show your personality is more essential now than ever. Our moto at BondMoran is that ‘relationships are more important than the deal’. We all believe in this as we know that revenue will follow, if the relationships are there and the mutual understanding is strong.

Secondly, everyone loves to go back to a time when we believed in magic and thought it was real.

There’s a brief moment when you see a magic trick when you get that feeling. It’s just before our adult brain kicks in and wants to unpick the puzzle.

With everything going on, that escapism and the reaction that magic can create is more powerful than ever. That’s the moment of engagement we’re creating with our contacts and I’m lucky to be able to do this and be part of that moment.

Since this magical journey began, I’ve driven my wife and four sons crazy trying out new tricks.

They’ve called me numerous names including Dumbledore, but the best names have come from my contacts. The ‘Recruitician’ is a favourite and another good client labelled me as ‘The ‘Fixer’ which made me feel like something out of Pulp Fiction! They even given me my own theme music for each week’s show which, whilst being good fun, really highlights the level of friendship that we’ve built in recent weeks.

We specialise in Senior Accountancy recruitment and other clients have challenged their Senior Finance and HR Teams to learn a trick. I’ve then had to be the judge! One thing I’ve realised is that I’d make a terrible ‘Simon Cowell’ character as I want to praise everyone and avoid alienating an entire recruitment team!

Having worked within the recruitment industry for over 22 years, I never would have imagined this combination would work so well, however we’re all learning to adapt and learn new tricks!

This ‘quirky’ and innovative idea has proven to be so successful that as lock down continues to ease, the BondMoran offering to join their contacts in this novel manner will continue!

To see Lawrence in action take a look here https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lawrencebond_magic-hrdirector-hr-activity-6679297296535998464-2fk9

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