Partners for Paralegal Positions

Momenta Group partners with paralegal non-profit to promote burgeoning job opportunities in sector

A significant rise in live paralegal jobs across financial services and legal sectors sees one of the country’s largest contingent recruiters form a strategic alliance with the UK’s leading paralegal membership body. The new partnership will enable greater promotion of career opportunities across the sector.

Momenta Group, the contingent recruiter serving major UK financial services organisations, will partner with NALP – (the National Association of Licensed Paralegals) to promote careers for aspiring paralegals. This partnership has been created following a significant rise in paralegal roles being requested for remediation projects.

NALP is the only paralegal membership body that is acknowledged as an awarding organisation by Ofqual – the regulator of qualifications in England and, through its centres, offers recognised and accredited paralegal qualifications and training courses. This partnership will add value to the NALP ecosystem, by providing career opportunities for paralegal members and graduates across the UK.

Momenta Group’s founding director, Richard Stevens, commented: “Paralegal roles are be-coming a fast-growing area of resourcing focus, and the reason is clear: Millions of people have had to rearrange their personal finance and legal affairs following the pandemic, whether it’s linked to mortgages, litigation, loans and claims, – all have created an enormous area of need for companies and organisations seeking to provide this much-needed professional remediation to the public. As a recruiter that’s specialised in this sector for three decades it’s our responsibility to encourage new talent to available roles and partnering with NALP could not come at a more critical time.

“As the legal labour market deregulates, and becomes more accessible, opportunities for utilising a contingent workforce are rapidly becoming more attractive and an increase of contingent talent is needed to provide legal services.”

NALP CEO Jane Robson, commented: “We are hugely encouraged by the rise in demand for paralegal roles from the legal and financial sectors. The feedback we’re receiving is that specialist knowledge, attention to detail and high degrees of compliance are needed to handle these often-sensitive and hugely important remediation projects, so we are delighted to help more paralegals get the training and the jobs they want. Now is the perfect time, thanks to an abundance of career opportunities for both experienced and aspiring paralegals.”

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