Remote identity checks on candidates: why bother?

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In March 2020, remote recruitment became a sudden and huge challenge for recruiters. One challenge facing many temporary recruiters is making sure that you are dealing with candidates who are who they say they are, without being able to meet them in person. In reality, most of your applicants will be genuine, so why bother verifying identity remotely?  How big is the real risk from fraudulent identity documents?

At TrustID, we’re in a unique position of having access to data from hundreds of recruiters. We gather and share intelligence around fraudulent documents: what kind of recruiters are being targeted, what kind of fake documents are the most common and how are the trends for fake documents evolving?
For example, those recruiters placing applicants in construction and technical roles send more fake identity documents to our helpdesk than any other sector we work with, more than a quarter in fact!

So, how can remote identity checks really help? Are they necessary? And how can technology support a remote check process?

Join us on 29th October at 11am for a free webinar to explore this topic. We’ll be joined by a Senior Compliance Manager from Randstad CPE who will share her experiences with a live case study. And there’ll be a chance to join our Q&A.
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