Major addition to Marmalade

Paul Rawson named as Sales & Operations Director

Marmalade Marketing, an award-winning growth marketing agency, is excited to announce the appointment of Paul Rawson as Sales and Operations Director. This move is a merger of Paul’s marketing consultancy solutions into Marmalade Marketing's expanding service portfolio.

Longer Reads

Cleared for Work

From economic and geopolitical pressures to shifting legal landscapes, global recruiters are anticipating new headwinds and uncertainty as we head into 2024. At the same time, the war for talent means that international hiring is essential for global organisations looking for growth and expansion in 2024- and beyond.

Holiday Time Again

Significant changes to holiday pay calculations and rules are coming into effect on April 1st, 2024 that will have a major impact on umbrella company workers across the UK. These new regulations stem from the landmark Brazel v Harpur Trust case and the government's subsequent consultation on addressing the anomalies highlighted by the ruling.

Not Just A Day

For years we have been working towards a gender equal world, free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, particularly within the workplace. Despite moving towards a world with fairer working conditions, we have remained relatively silent about the key – and unavoidable – challenges that women face at work every day when it comes to menopause and…

Change and Challenge

In a year that will see a General Election dominate much of the political environment, employment law regulations remaining a hot topic. The UK’s legislative landscape is yet to fully adapt to best accommodate and support the flexible, global labour market and while progress is being made, there’s still more that should be done.

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