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Preparing for IR35, what agencies need to know

Amid the global pandemic that has been COVID-19, recruitment agencies in the UK have been preparing for the biggest tax reforms in recent times, IR35. The Finance Act 2020 received Royal Assent in July, bringing with it confirmation that…

IR35 Avoidance Schemes

With IR35 (off-payroll) reforms in the private sector approaching next April, many previously ‘outside’ contractors will now find themselves ‘inside’ IR35. This means they will require a new employment solution. FCSA-Chairman and…

FT’s tax correspondent’s advice on IR35

On 6 April 2021, IR35 rules in the private sector will definitely change.  Are you ready for these changes? Hear Emma Agyemang, tax correspondent at the Financial Times  discuss the impact of IR35. She reflects on the key…

Off-Payroll Certainty

“It is very disappointing that after 4 years of campaigning we have not achieved the primary aim of stopping this legislation" said Dave Chaplin, Director of The Stop The Off-Payroll Tax Campaign and CEO of ContractorCalculator

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