ThinCats finances fast growing search firm.

TritonExec gets backing.

A leading private lender to enterprise, ThinCats, has financed TritonExec as the company experiences rapid growth in the UK and its expanding base in the USA.

Through a finance deal totaling up to £3 million TritonExec will use the capital to accelerate growth at its UK and US operations in its people and technology. The firm, which has built a name around recruiting senior leadership for global companies undergoing digital transformation will also be looking at M&A activity following eight years of climbing revenues and EBITDA.

On forging the relationship with ThinCats, Adam Stolerman, TritonExec partner, commented: “Having spoken to multiple lenders in the market we have been very impressed with ThinCats’ flexibility and understanding of how our business operates. The legal and logistical side of conducting the deal was extremely efficient and collaborative. We’re excited about this new partnership.”

Dave Sherrington, regional director, business development at ThinCats which has lent more than £450 million to SMEs, said: “TritonExec is a young, dynamic and fast growing business – they are also at the forefront of securing leadership for some of the most buoyant industries across the world right now – in private equity, technology and professional services. We are excited by their journey and look forward to working closely with them as they continue on their fast track growth trajectory.”

Having recently been covered by Forbes, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, TritonExec has also charted fascinating hiring trends in global leadership as recently reported by the Wall Street Journal’s Private Equity News.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in London, UK, TritonExec has managed to carve itself a niche in this competitive sector.  The firm embraces technology to predict and uncover subtle trends in compensation, diversity and talent shortages, as well as helping to determine which candidates are most likely to be successful in a certain organisations. The company holds a track record of impressively high retention rates of 95 per cent within a 24-month period, from placements made to its multinational clients. With a growing team of 40 plus staff members, more than half of TritonExec’s workforce is gender diverse.

Despite being in business for less than a decade, TritonExec has been able to attract multi-million-dollar contracts from early on, and build an impressive client list which includes: Capgemini, Accenture, OakNorth, Icahn Enterprises, Gryphon Investors, and Genpact.


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