Trainees Arrive

AMS take on trainees for future talent expertise.

AMS has onboarded its first tranche of trainee recruiters as it embarks on a campaign to create new career opportunities for future talent experts.

The firm has welcomed 19 individuals onto its Trainee Recruiter Programme, providing the new hires with an eight-week tailored training course that has been developed to be delivered in a remote environment, alongside a 13-month apprenticeship programme. During the training, the new recruits will have real on-the-job training, diving straight into the role they will be delivering once the training period ends.

This is the first stage of a planned campaign to create between 70 and 80 entry level positions across various global locations this year to provide emerging talent with new career prospects and nurture the future generation of recruiters.

“Young people have been extremely hard hit professionally by Covid-19,” notes Paul Modley, global talent acquisition director and head of diversity & inclusion at AMS. “The beginning of any career should be an exciting time for emerging generations, but in the midst of a pandemic where opportunities are limited, it is stressful to say the least. Everyone at AMS knows just how rewarding a career in talent outsourcing can be – that’s why we have so many long-standing colleagues and returners across the business.

“Our focus is to not only ensure that we are developing the skills and expertise of those who will be the future drivers of innovation across AMS, but also investing in people at a time when job options are limited,” Modley adds. “I’m looking forward to supporting the new recruits and seeing them develop into the dexterous individuals that will thrive in the future of talent outsourcing.”

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