When is the Best Time to Post a Job Ad?

Everything has its perfect time and place, even job adverts.

To make sure you post your job ad in the right place at the right time, you need to know the peak times within the jobseeker landscape. 🔭

But before we start talking specifics, generally speaking, what is the most popular day and time to post a new job ad?


What is the Most Popular Day and Time for Posting and Applying to Jobs?

Day 🌞

A report from SmartRecruiters found 58% of jobs are posted from Monday through to Wednesday, with Tuesday being the most popular of the days.


11 am is the most popular time for companies to post new job listings, while 2 pm is the most popular time for candidates to apply.


When is the Best Time to Post a Job Ad on Indeed?

Voted the #1 job site in the world, with 250m unique monthly visitors and 175m CVs, Indeed is the ‘go-to’ job site for employers and candidates. 🏆

Because Indeed is so popular, the best time to post a job is Tuesday, between 11 am and 12 pm.

This is when the site sees the highest volume of traffic.

But targeting your ideal candidate depends on their lifestyle.

The important thing is to try and get in the shoes of your candidate. 👞

For example, if you want to attract someone currently employed, they are most likely too busy working during peak times.

The devil is in the detail.

It’s important to consider such things for getting the timing spot-on, or your job post might go undetected.

When posting a job advert on Indeed, here is what to expect.


When is the Best Time to Post a Job Ad on LinkedIn? 🕰️

As a social media platform, LinkedIn is different compared to Indeed.

This is due to most LinkedIn users being working professionals using the platform to network, build connections and gain insights for their professional development.

Impact Plus reveals the best times to post a job ad on LinkedIn is Wednesday from 8-10 am, Thursday at 9 am, 1-2 pm or Friday at 9 am.

These findings show it’s worth considering posting later in the week if you’re looking to recruit a working professional circulating on LinkedIn.


When is the Best Time to Post a Job Ad on Facebook?

On Facebook, your job ads can be tailored specifically for the most likely times your followers are online.

To do this, simply:

  1. Locate the “Admin Panel” on a company page.
  2. Open “Page Insights”.

This analytical feature lets you see ‘page likes’, ‘post reach’ and ‘page visits’.

But more importantly, it shows what time your followers are online.

You’ll then be able to assess the most popular times and days of the week for your company page. 🎯

Using this information, you can post your job ads at the right time specific to a brand.

Appealing to a follower of a company will encourage someone interested in your brand already.

So, they are most likely already enthusiastic about the possibility of joining the business.

However, if you wish to take a more generic approach, then the average peak time for job posts on Facebook is Wednesday at 3 pm according to Recruiter.


When is the Best Time to Post a Job Ad on Reed? ⏱️

Reed saw 170 million visits in one year, with 14 million in April alone.

Based on the most popular times, the best time to post a job ad on Reed would be at the beginning of the week.

Placing your job ad on the website on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday late morning to early afternoon is the prime time for potential candidates.

However, if you seek someone already in employment, you will want to post during out of work hours.

Don’t mistake this for posting on the weekend.

People have better things to do.

Keep it to weekday evenings or lunch break hours, 12 pm-1 pm.

Reed has seen a huge growth in the construction & property industry, with an 81% increase in applications.

Other industries showing significant growth include manufacturing (64%), FMCG (46%), education (40%) and health & medicine (38%).

If you work in any of these industries, Reed is a good option to post your job ads.


Timing is Important but Quality is Essential

Ultimately, there’s no point in posting a job ad at the right time for every jobseeker to see if no one wants to apply.

Making sure your job ad stands out from the rest is crucial to recruitment success.

The job ad creation business is a tricky market, with lots of elements to consider.

AdBuilder is a proven platform designed to create quality job adverts in less than 10 minutes.

There is also an extension to AdBuilder called AdGrader.

AdGrader analyses your job ads for any non-inclusive terms which could put off potential candidates.

Take the stress of creating your own job ads away and sign up to AdBuilder for a free trial.

Once you have the right ad for your job role, you can just focus on posting it in the right places, at the right times.

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