Using media relations to win the fight for top talent

In a post-pandemic world with a record-breaking number of vacancies needing to be filled, PR and media relations are essential for recruitment agencies.

In the current candidate-led market, competition for talent is tougher than ever. Recruiters are constantly having to come up with innovative ideas and techniques to successfully match candidates with organisations.

However, by establishing a positive image in the media, your organisational message, goals, expertise and viewpoint can be showcased with authenticity and trust – putting you and your agency at the top of your target candidates’ minds.

3 ways you can use media relations

1. Press releases

A quick and effective way to gain coverage in blogs, newspapers and other relevant publications in the recruitment sector is by publishing newsworthy stories or statements across multiple publications. And how do you achieve this?  By sending out a press release.

This is a fantastic opportunity to build your firm’s reputation and demonstrate your skills and expertise.

2. Opinion pieces

If you have strong opinions and viewpoints you’re willing to share then opinion pieces are a great way to demonstrate your expertise in further detail. Not only do you get to elaborate on significant topics in your industry, but your organisation will also gain vital media attention.

While this article focuses on using media relations for candidate attraction, it’s worth mentioning that an effective feature piece can also provide incredibly useful business development material that you can share with stakeholders to demonstrate your expertise within talent management.

3. Comment opportunities

Journalists are frequently looking for expert spokespeople to comment on various topics. Seizing the right opportunities will put you in front of your target audience and build brand awareness for your recruitment agency – setting you apart from your competition.


In summary, with the recruitment sector more competitive than ever, your business needs to have a well-established, trusted reputation. Working with a knowledgeable PR team and utilising media relations is a great way of staying ahead of the game, getting great media exposure and communicating your company’s expertise.

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