Why Video Interview is Vital for Startups

A hire can make or break a startup

One of the number one issues most startups face is hiring. Startups are super-fast-paced, and things change every single day. A hire can make or break a startup, so a thorough interview process is vital. But that’s easier said than done when the founder of the star up is working 70+ hours a week!

Luckily, thanks to modern technology, the recruitment process has never been faster or more streamlined. This blog looks at how recruiters are using video interview software to assist startups in making the right hire, every time.

Video has taken the recruitment industry by storm. Recruitment agency owners are investing in video interview platforms because they’ve proven to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire recruitment process.

Why Don’t They Just use Skype?

Video engagement platforms that are designed specifically for the recruitment industry offer an entire suite of tools, not just video interview. Agencies who use the video engagement platform, Hinterview, have access to:

– An all-encompassing applicant tracking system
– A video introduction/sharing tool that can be used to headhunt and engage top talent
– Receive real-time feedback directly to your inbox, notifying you when someone has
watched your video or interview
– A function that allows you to leave comments for the hiring manager along with the interview
– A one-click sharing link that can be viewed anywhere at any time
– Headhunt Passive Candidates

The video introduction tool we use at Hinterview is called, Hintro. This feature allows you to record short, effective videos and send them via email, LinkedIn or even WhatsApp to prospective candidates and clients. Startups are on the hunt for people who are going to shape their company the hiring risks are far higher for a start-up than a large-scale company.

So how do you compete? How do you convince a high calibre candidate in a comfortable position to make the leap and join your client on their startup journey? Selling them the job won’t be enough, you need to sell the entire vision and future of the company. This is where video helps. By sending a personalised video directly to a candidate’s inbox, you’re already standing out by miles.

In a short, one-minute video you can introduce yourself, explain the role and company values and exactly why you think this person is the perfect person for the role.

Reduce the Time to Hire

As we said, startups are fast-paced, and everyone’s busy. There is a constant pressure to keep the ball rolling. Taking three months to fill a role won’t cut it. On top of this, due to the intimate nature of startups, these clients are likely to be far fussier and pickier than your larger clients.

What our clients have found to be effective when recruiting for startups is to conduct five-minute interviews on behalf of the hiring manager with the questions they’ve requested. Allowing the hiring manager to gain a far deeper understanding of who’s behind the CV and who they want to invite for a face-to-face interview.

The saying ‘time is money’ has never been truer for a startup! And, every second a role is unfilled, it’s costing the company money. By taking care of the initial video interview on behalf of your client, you can reduce the time to hire by up to 70%.

Organised Applicant Tracking System

The Hinterview platform has a fully encompassed applicant tracking system (ATS). An applicant tracking system is a software solution that allows the electronic handling of recruitment needs. They’re designed to automate, accelerate and simplify the hiring process.

The hiring manager can access the portal and easily review the activity of their candidates and at what stage of the interview process they’re at. Having all the interviews in one place, with notes from the recruiter, makes it easy for the hiring manager to compare candidates. The hiring manager can access the interviews at anytime, anywhere. Yep, even at 3 am in morning!

If you’re in charge of hiring for a startup, and you’re looking for a value-added recruitment agency with the most streamlined process, be sure to choose one that uses video!

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