Adastrum reports on the benefits and strengths of interim appointments.

More than gap filling.

Executive search, interim management and leadership advisory organisation, Adastrum Consulting has launched its latest report exploring how interim executives can be harnessed to effectively drive transformation. Entitled unlocking the power of interim management, the report has been created to act as a best practice guide, discussing common misconceptions about interim management, the key benefits to using an interim executive, as well as how to select and get the best out of an appointment.

Disruptive technology, agile business models, changing working practices, economic and political uncertainty and nimble competitors are forcing businesses to transform at an unprecedented rate. It is against this backdrop that we have witnessed the increase in demand for interim executives.

The report discusses how this ‘perfect storm’ brings as many opportunities as it does challenges and how businesses need to rapidly respond and take advantage of the ever-changing market. It explores how many traditional organisations can hit a stumbling block when it comes to change, as they don’t have the right leadership in place to drive transformation.

The report highlights common misconceptions around what constitutes an interim executive and explains that when harnessed correctly, the role is an immensely powerful tool. Broadly speaking, interim management is the provision of executive talent for a limited period of time, with a defined outcome.

Commenting on the report, Mike Fisher, director at Adastrum Consulting says: “In times of constant disruption and change, an interim executive can add huge value by quickly driving business transformation. However, before seeking an interim executive, it is vital to have a clear idea of your objectives and what you hope your success will look like.

“Businesses should not be afraid to be open and honest about their current situation, as for an interim executive the bigger the “challenge” the better, they thrive on challenge and want to leave an organisation in a great place,” he continues. “With the right advice, approach and individual, appointing an interim executive can be the key difference between being the disruptor or the disrupted.”


Read the full report here.

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