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In the fiercely competitive world of recruitment you want your business to attract the best in consultant talent – and keep them.

Getting your reward and benefit strategy right is crucial to doing this. It’s not just about the amount of money you’re offering either. Today’s workforce prizes diverse methods of recognising effort, of achieving more and of creating greater value for clients, candidates and ultimately your business.

Face it: your workforce is more diverse than ever before. Age, background, likes, dislikes, beliefs and more mean every individual in your workforce wants to be rewarded, at least to some extent, on an individual basis.

Flexibility is certainly part of your benefits and reward strategy, but so too is creating a company culture that encourages, enables and recognises effort from everyone. Businesses should also be clear about the behaviours and targets expected from their workforce and there are many solutions which can offer clear and accessible ways to motivate staff on a daily basis.

From visual data solutions, the gamification of perfjoamcne measures, to a clear and flexible reward structure, today’s recruitment company has a wealth of solutions to choose from and combine that will encourage, recognise and reward their consultants. Getting this right not only leads to an engaged and productive workforce, it leads to the creation of a great employer culture, a fantastic employee value proposition and the chance to become an employer of choice.

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