Agency Sees Workers Through IR35 U-Turn

Encore supports workers through Government’s Off-payroll U-Turn

Leading Midlands recruitment agency, Encore Personnel, has announced it will be supporting its contracted HGV drivers and clients through the Government’s off-payroll U-turn. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has scrapped plans to abolish the changes to off-payroll working rules (IR35 reform) that were announced in his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget, leading to criticism from Encore.

Encore, which has 11 branches across the UK and was recently acquired by Gi Group Holding, has expressed frustration after recently preparing and supporting its contracted HGV driver and clients on the changes they would need to make if the IR35 reform was to be reversed.

Andrew Fletcher, operations manager of Encore’s Driving division, commented: “As a recruitment agency that works alongside candidates and clients that would’ve been affected by the changes previously proposed, it’s a very confusing time for everyone. We will continue to keep all Government policies under review to ensure that whichever way the legislation takes us, we will support and protect our network of clients and candidates at all costs. Ensuring everyone remains compliant and ethical whilst working with us.

“Businesses, self-employed staff and contractors can now rest assured that they don’t have to scrap all the work they have done in the last few years to be compliant with the current rules and can continue with the legislation as it is now.”

The Government’s initial IR35 reform was first introduced for the public sector in 2017 and was later reviewed and altered in 2021 to include large and medium-sized private sector businesses. The reform has proven to hinder the UK’s flexible workforce, with many businesses finding themselves incapable of ensuring IR35 compliance. A report published in February 2022 by the National Audit Office (NAO) found that public sector bodies alone have paid or owe a total of £263 million because they have not administered the reforms correctly.

Andrew added: “The IR35 reform has proven to have its flaws and in the long term, further attention is needed, but for the moment, businesses will be relieved to know that they will not have to make any changes come April 2023.”

Following the announcement, Encore’s team of specialist advisors and consultants are on hand to help ensure customers and clients understand the Government’s latest legislation U-turn. Encore prides itself on its exceptional client and candidate service. It puts the customer and candidate experience at the centre of all strategy with dual value propositions of ‘your business, your culture, our priority’ and ‘your future, your wellbeing, our priority.’ It places its success on following its key values including avoiding negativity, creating loyalty, and communicating with a refreshing openness.

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