Culture Can Drive Workers from Jobs

Survey shows 90% would leave their job if the company culture isn't up to scratch

A survey from Objects and Key Results (OKR) consultancy There Be Giants has found over 90 per cent of people polled agreed they would leave their existing position if the company culture was not what they expected. The survey revealed staff are now looking to work for more socially-led organisations that prioritise and boost their working environment, with over 90 per cent of respondents stating they’d be willing to leave a role if the company culture wasn’t to their standard.

Roger Longden, Founder and CEO of There Be Giants, commented: “The fact that over 90 per cent of employees would leave their position if the company culture was not what they’d hoped for is much higher than we had anticipated. The results of this survey back up what we’ve been saying about company culture and how it has fast become a number one priority for employees.”

The survey also found that more than 40 per cent of people now work in hybrid positions, splitting their time between working from home and the office. Before the pandemic, only 7 per cent of employees worked remotely whereas this year 40 per cent of employees are splitting their time between the office and their homes. Companies may not realise that their culture can be extended to remote working environments, but workplace culture still remains a top priority for those who work flexibly.

The survey also revealed that a whopping 80 per cent of male employees list company culture as a top priority in job seeking. This statistic contrasts with traditional monetary desires as male workers now rank a strong workplace culture as more important than salary, with 3 in 4 workers stating they would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job role there.

Over 40 per cent of respondents who still work in an office-based setting said that company culture is one of the main driving forces behind their job choice. Where salary would usually take a candidate’s top spot in their list of priorities, just under half of those polled consider company culture more important than salary as it relates to overall job satisfaction.

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