Attend the Global Recruiter UK Summit next month and be a part of the future.

You can be Recruitment 4.0.

The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit ‘Recruitment 4.0’ is set to help prepare recruitment businesses for the challenges it faces over the next months and years. The recruitment sector, like the sectors it serves, is facing a time of radical change, when new technology will influence the workplace, changing their jobs people do and how they do them. In addition, technology such as AI and automation will have an increasing impact on the sector, and could brush aside the unwary recruiter who doesn’t appreciate what it can do. Alternatively, these technologies could empower the recruiter who knows where and how to use this to their advantage.

The summit is on March 4th in Central London. To be a part of it, attend for free by registering here:

‘Recruitment 4.0’ brings together thought leaders, new research, fresh insights and perspectives from all sides of recruitment. With a keynote presentation from George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson, the stage will be set as Zarkadakis draws from his company’s own research to highlight how the world of work is changing. He will be followed by APSCo’s Operations Director, Samantha Hurley, who will bring the results of new research into technology use by the recruitment sector and demonstrate how technology will always need to be placed alongside the work of the human recruiter to deliver maximum benefit.

The day will also see panels featuring recruitment technology experts, and one featuring recruitment agency leaders both providing insights from experience at the frontline of where recruitment is changing to serve the needs of Industry 4.0. These panels will demonstrate what’s already happening at the cutting edge of recruitment technology and recruitment services, and show where the market is going.

Finally, a special session hosted by the REC’s CEO Neil Carberry will give those attending a clear view into how HR and internal talent management and acquisition is changing due to industry 4.0. This in turn will give recruiters an exceptional insight into what they should consider and how to reshape their offering to stay relevant and offer maximum value.

Business worldwide and the recruitment industry in particular is facing a challenging time of radical change. There is a revolution happening in the workplace, and it is up to recruiters to ensure they are aware of how this will play out and how they can stay a part of working life in the future. 

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