Blockchain-enabled document verification platform becomes the new standard. offers verification for healthcare., a leading provider of primary source verification (PSV) services and part of the DataFlow Group – a global provider of specialised PSV solutions background screening and immigration compliance services – has officially launched its blockchain-enabled professional document verification platform in the UK.

Having already begun working with a few select UK regulators and NHS recruiters, now enables UK-wide efficient vetting of healthcare professionals to safeguard hiring processes.

Currently, 53 per cent of submitted CVs and job applications contain false information, whilst there are also more than 3,000 unaccredited universities and diploma mills, and 300 counterfeit diploma websites. In addition, insights from the DataFlow Group reveal that the highest trend for forgery over the last five years has been found among allied health professionals and nurses. With providers across NHS England reporting a shortage of over 100,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff, recruitment needs for the healthcare sector are pressing. However, authenticating the credentials of overseas candidates is often a lengthy process that can be difficult to be performed without efficient regional knowledge and contacts. simplifies the verification process by offering a global online platform that connects applicants and employers in a new, innovative way.

“Applicants can use our secure portal to upload and verify their professional documents and data,” says René Seifert, co-founder of “This then becomes what we call their ‘TrueProof’ – a form of portable credentials on our platform. Employers, regulators and HR managers can view and verify candidates’ credentials against the blockchain, saving valuable time in the hiring process. Our aim is to streamline the verification process as much as possible and eliminate the risk of hiring unqualified, fraudulent individuals to ensure that patients and co-workers are protected.

“For regulators, industry bodies and NHS recruiters, offers an online on-demand PSV solution, which ensures that candidates’ credentials are authentic and issued by an accredited institution. By working with a variety of authorities and business partners from numerous sectors, our staff have a good understanding of the challenges that human resources departments are facing today.” uses blockchain technology to give applicants full control over their documents, both online and offline. For example, as passports or university certificates are privacy-sensitive documents, only stores document ‘fingerprints’ on blockchain. Each fingerprint is individual and does not reveal any information about the document it belongs to. This means that the records cannot be tampered with because every member has to agree to its validity and can check the history of record changes. Every TrueProof is therefore authenticated and secured.

Additionally, storing an individual’s documents via blockchain eliminates the continual churn of verification requests on employers and educational institutions every time a healthcare professional applies for a new role. The verification can be done once on and can be shared with the relevant employer, regulator or professional body for the lifetime of the individual’s career.

Seifert concludes: “Our core purpose is to make professional document verification simple and efficient for all parties. We have offered this to regulators, industry professionals and healthcare recruiters for over a decade all over the world. Our aim now is to provide a digital environment to the UK regulators and HR managers that empowers their hiring processes.”

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