Can the right tech help you get a head start?

John Hetherington, UK Sales Manager, Practical Software on how getting things right from the beginning can benefit start-up agencies in the long run.

In 2019, Companies House revealed that there had been a total 8,456 recruitment agencies registered, a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing, despite the unprecedented circumstances of 2020. But, how can start-up agencies make sure that they pick the right tech for the right job and give themselves the boost that they need to not just start off – but really thrive in a highly competitive space.

With adversity comes change

2020 has definitely shown where the benefits can lie for an agile business that can scale in response to recruitment needs and new agencies are looking to do just that. Starting a business is a natural progression for a lot of recruitment experts who are looking to take on that leap in the next stage of their careers. Mid to high level consultants are looking at their current businesses and seeing not just the gaps in the market and in the way they currently work, but where they can do better and provide that added benefit to their clients and candidates.

Scalable back-office, payroll and onboarding can really help start-ups minimise their costs when they’re just finding their feet. Cutting unnecessary costs for candidates that aren’t on assignment and making sure that your systems and their billing can adapt to fast changing environments doesn’t just save a business money but can potentially be the make or break moment for it.

Growth through efficiency

“Streamlining the recruitment process with integrated technology can really be beneficial for agencies, clients and candidates, especially during the start-up phase” says John Hetherington, UK Sales Manager of Practical Software. “It’s inevitable that new recruitment agencies will bring some clients with them, but making sure that there aren’t roadblocks from outdated payroll, time-sheeting processes and onboarding – especially with the roll out of IR35 means that new agency directors will have that extra time to go out and win key accounts and focus on attracting new clients rather than getting caught up in day-to-day admin processes.”

Having a streamlined, integrated recruitment management software doesn’t just reduce your workload, it makes you more efficient by giving you the flexibility to work from wherever you need to be. The world is slowly opening back up and although face-to-face meetings might still be lower down the list, having platforms that allow you to check in on things while on the go between meetings, can really make a difference and help you maintain a healthy work-life balance

Automation rules

Having efficient automation in your recruitment systems can be of great benefit. Whether it’s pre-employment testing, background checks or scheduling for interviews. Making sure you have a digital solution for your post-recruitment process really can help too. Whether it’s bulk timesheet uploads and payroll management or data aggregation and reporting. These are all things that free up time and help you work more efficiently for both businesses starting out, or those looking to expand.

Taking it all onboard

And we’re not just talking about digesting the amount of information out there! Whether it’s registering your business, creating your brand, setting up your website or choosing the right accountant there is a lot to be considered. Making sure you get candidate onboarding right is a crucial part of your start-up’s success. IR35 has now been expanded and being able to file determinations in your cloud platform means that you can keep ahead of the curve, add to this the ability to access RTW and GDPR information from anywhere, check briefs and contracts. All these things add up making sure your clients and your candidates feel secure in their future.

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