Collaboration set to aid teaching recruitment around the world.

Learning to work.

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and Tes Global have created a new partnership designed to help boost recruitment into the teaching profession. Announced at the 38th COBIS Annual Conference: Vision 2030 – The Future of International Education the collaboration has seen the launch of the new COBIS Global Jobs webpage and has been designed to offer a quicker, easier and more effective tool for COBIS school members when recruiting across the globe.

Problems around teacher supply and retention are major issues facing the education sector, in the UK and abroad. There is a global teacher shortage and it is increasingly important to be able to recruit the best candidates. COBIS school members, alongside other schools, need to reach the widest pool of candidates possible.

Recruitment can also be a time consuming, laborious and frustrating process for schools. The new partnership and the launch of a Global Jobs webpage will help to take away some of the administrative burden and speed-up the process for both the school and the candidates.

“The opportunity to work both internationally and in the UK makes teaching and school leadership roles highly attractive careers,” explained Colin Bell, CEO of COBIS. “Teachers and leaders in British schools overseas work in some of the best schools in the world – schools that are high performing, up-to-date and well-resourced. COBIS and Tes are committed to offering best value and to supporting schools, regardless of size, location or phase to reach, attract and recruit high-quality candidates. In addition, COBIS, its school members and Tes are committed to the promotion of child protection, safeguarding and good practice connected to safer recruitment. It’s these shared values, in particular, which provide excellent cornerstones for this new school-centred partnership.”

Rob Grimshaw, CEO of Tes Global, said: “We’re excited to be working with our partners at COBIS to make it easier for British International Schools across the globe to recruit the teachers they need. With the demand for skilled teachers increasing rapidly, Tes has the digital expertise to help schools compete for the best candidates. The new Global Jobs page will use the smart recruitment tools we’ve developed for, giving British International Schools everywhere a simple, straightforward way to reach more high quality candidates than ever before.”

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