Customer Service Awards for PayStream plus compliance recognition.

PayStream Excellence

PayStream have been awarded their fifth Customer Service Excellence Award, once again with exceptional scores. The CSE Award is a government recognised accreditation and is a well-respected stamp of approval for businesses who have the customers’ interests at the centre of everything they do. It measures and makes suggestions to businesses in areas which research shows are of critical importance to customers. These areas include; timeliness, delivery, information, professionalism and staff attitude. 

PayStream once again met and fully evidenced each one of the 57 criteria. Furthermore, they also attained three more “compliance plus” awards in addition to the six they achieved in the previous year, giving them nine in total some of which are detailed below.

  • PayStream have developed customer insight about their customer groups to better understand their needs and preferences
  • They make particular efforts to identify hard-to-reach and disadvantaged groups and individuals and have developed their services in response to their specific needs
  • They have a strategy for engaging and involving customers using a range of methods appropriate to the needs of identified groups
  • They use reliable and accurate methods to measure customer satisfaction on a regular basis.
  • They evaluate how customers interact with the organisation through access channels and use this information to identify possible service improvements and offer better choices

Michael Lynch, the Customer Service Excellence Assessor said in his report: “Putting the Customer at the heart of everything that PayStream did certainly emanated from the top and permeated through to all the staff who had a first class focus on pleasing the customers at all times.” 

This reflects PayStream’s consistent efforts to ensure that customer service remains at the core of the business and is a testament to the commitment of all staff. 

The importance PayStream place on compliance and the lengths they go to, to integrate numerous lengthy processes which ensure safety of information was also recognised. It was noted how these processes had been seamlessly integrated with little disruption for customers and would later help to increase efficiency in procedures for both staff and customers.

Paul Malley, PayStream’s MD says “Delivering outstanding customer service has always been extremely important to us. So, to be credited with nine compliance plus awards is exceptional, and reflects the importance we place on both customer service and compliance. We are proud to receive such outstanding feedback from this audit as it shows how we have been able to seamlessly implement crucial legislative changes in to our services and processes, whilst maintaining our high standards of customer service.”

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