Get Inspired by Chikere Igbokwe

Women in Recruitment


with Chikere Igbokwe, Executive Recruiter and Diversity & Inclusion Activist

Women in Recruitment are delighted to welcome back Executive Recruiter and Diversity & Inclusion Activist Chikere Igbokwe to their Get Inspired webinar series.

Chikere launched Allyship, a community for Allies to understand the discrimination faced by Black and Minority People, earlier this year alongside her Associate Director role at Macmillan Davies. Her incredible work and campaigning has gone from strength to strength and her voice is becoming louder on all things Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Women in Recruitment will be talking about the importance of celebrating the achievement of Black Women and why recognising and understanding Black History Month is so important.

Chikere will also share stories of Black Women that have inspired her and her journey. She will also give us her top recommendations on what we can all do to support Black Women across our industry and how we can recognise and celebrate Black History Month in an authentic way.

Chickere Igbokwe, Executive Recruiter and Diversity & Inclusion Activist

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